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Samuel & Lydia Woods of Surrey

Samuel Woods, a son of Richard and Maria, was born in Godalming in 1833 and baptised there on 7 June.

Lydia Monk, illegitimate daughter of Louisa Monk, was born in Send & Ripley in about 1836. Her mother later married Robert Turner.

Samuel married Lydia Monk in Godalming on 21 March 1857 and they had the following children:

Robert bapt. 11 Oct 1857 Seale (born in Tongham)
Louisa bapt. 3 Oct 1858 Hambledon
Andrew bapt. 25 Oct 1860 Shalford (born 14 Oct)
Obed bapt. 5 Apr 1864 Shalford
Jesse Q2 1867 Godalming
Ada Q2 1869 Godalming
Walter Q2 1871 Godalming
Ethel Q4 1873 Godalming
Horace Q4 1875 Redhill
Henry Q4 1877 Redhill
Catherine Q2 1880 Redhill
Archibald Q3 1882 Redhill

Samuel worked as a tanner and in 1861 the family were living in Church Road, Farncombe, where they appeared again in 1871 and by this time his eldest son, Robert, was also a tanner.  Kelly's directories for about this time show the local tanyard as Edwin Ellis & Co, The Shalford Tanneries.

In about 1874 they all moved to Redhill where Kelly's again shows a tannery, Samuel Barrow & Brother of Tanyard Lane.  In 1881 the census returns show that the family were living at 3 Grange Cottages, Tanyard Lane and that Samuel and Obed were tanners, Louisa was a housemaid, Andrew was a groom and Jesse was a grocer's errand boy.  Their eldest son, Robert, was also a tanner but he was married and living at number 6 with his wife and daughter.

Both tanneries have long since disappeared, and Tanyard Lane has been renamed.  However there are some old cottages in Oakdene Road, which may have been Grange Cottages.

They were still in Tanyard Lane in 1891 with Jesse, Walter, Ethel, Horace, Catherine and Archibald.  Samuel, Jesse and Walter were all tanners and Horace was a telegram messenger. Robert and Obed were both married and tanners, Robert in Horsham, Sussex, and Obed in Kenilworth, Warwickshire.

Samuel died in 1899 and in 1901 Lydia was living with her sons Horace and Archibald, and a 6-year-old grandson, Sidney Woods, son of Jesse who had married and was working in Lewisham as a stage manager.

Lydia died in 1909 and was remembered (by her grand-daughter, Marjorie) as being very strict and always wearing a hairnet.

Of their children:

  • Robert became a tanner, like his father, and probably worked for the Shalford Tanneries.  After the family moved from Farncombe to Redhill, in about 1874, he married Isabella Robinson (born 1853) at Redhill, St Matthew, on 24 March 1880.  In 1881 he was living at 6 Grange Cottages, Tanyard Lane with Isabella and her daughter, Caroline, and he was working as a tanner for the Barrow brothers.  There known children were:
    Caroline (Robinson) Q2 1875 (probably not Robert’s dau.)
    Robert Q1 1881 Reigate
    Louisa Q1 1884 Horsham
    Eliza Q3 1886 Horsham
    Lydia ca. 1889 Horsham
    Reginald Q4 1892 Reigate
    Evelyn Q3 1895 Reigate
    In the early 1880s Robert moved to Horsham where he was still working as a tanner in 1891.  However by the end of 1892 he appears to have moved back to Redhill where in 1901 he was a foreman tanner living at 20 Lower Bridge Road. In 1911 they were at Stable Cottage, 43 Tanyard Lane. Robert died in 1926.
  • Louisa worked as a governess and nurse for John Hart, a music hall manager and proprietor whi lived at 1 Belmont Road, Lewisham, in 1901 and 1911. She died in Lewisham in 1919.
  • Andrew was a tanner and married Kate Chapman from Romsey in 1883 (see Andrew & Kate Woods).
  • Obed married Sarah, from Ashton-under-Lyme, and they lived in Kenilworth with their children:
    Samuel Q2 1890  
    Eric Q1 1892  
    Elsie Q2 1894  
    Jessie Q3 1896  
    Louisa Q4 1898  
    In 1891 Obed was a tannery foreman living in Warwick Road and by 1901 he had become the tannery manager and was living in Barrow Road.  The tannery was located where Talisman Square now stands and on the Friday before Christmas 1894 a storm caused the collapse of one of the tannery chimneys, killing several pigs but miraculously leaving the houses, which bordered 3 sides of the tannery, undamaged. I failed to find Obed in the 1911 census but he died in Surrey in 1938.
  • Jesse initially worked as a tanner and in 1894 he married Alice Andrews and they had seven children:
    Sydney Q4 1894 Redhill
    Ethel Q1 1896 Peckham
    Horace Q4 1896 Peckham
    Lilian ca. 1899 Peckham
    Ivy Q3 1900 Lewisham
    Leslie Q3 1902 Lewisham
    Charles Q3 1903 Lewisham
    By 1901 Jesse was working as a music hall stage manager and living at 72 High Road, Lee, Lewisham. In 1911 their address was 12 Fenbrook Road, Lewisham.
    The 1942 and 1948 Kelly’s directories show Jesse living at 18 Garlands Road, Redhill.  He died in 1948 aged 80. The 1951 directory shows Mrs A Woods at that address and from 1954, Horace Woods, possibly their son. 
    It is believed that one of their daughters was married to a London fireman and rented the top floor of 101 Grovehill Road, Redhill, from Kate after Andrew died (1934).
  • Ada died in 1886, aged just 17.
  • Walter married Clara Musty in 1899 and their children were:
    Francis Walter Q2 1901 Reigate
    Cyril Q3 1903 Reigate
    Clara Edith Q1 1910 Reigate
    Eric L Q1 1916 Reigate
    Walter was a tanner and in 1901 they were living at 2 Albion Road, Reigate, and had Clara’s mother staying with them. By 1911 they were living at 55 Blackboro Road, Reigate, and Walter had become a fishmonger. Walter died in 1956.
  • Horace was a telegram messenger in 1891 and a postman in 1901. He married Clara Jupp in 1901 and they had five children:
    Henry Edward Q1 1903 Redhill
    Emma Ada Q1 1905 Redhill
    Lydia Q4 1909 Redhill
    Mary Q2 1912 Redhill
    Samuel Q2 1917 Redhill
    By 1911 Horace was living at 29 Tanyards Lane and later lived in Grovehill Road just 2 or 3 doors from his brother Andrew. Kelly's shows Horace at 91 Grovehill Road from 1942 to 1959 when he died, aged 83.
  • Henry died at the age of 4 in 1881.
  • Kate was a housemaid in 1901, at 75 Ladbroke Road, Redhill, the home of Robert Mew, an architect. In 1911 she was at 'Ewhurst', 11 Elms Road, Redhill, working as a house and parlour maid. The house was run as a small private school by Edward Taylor and his sister.
  • Archibald was a carpenter still living at home in 1901 and boarding in Epsom in 1911. He married Emily Cooke in 1914 and they had two children:
    Muriel O M Q1 1917 Redhill
    Ethel Q1 1918 Redhill
    Kelly’s directories show Archibald Woods at Brook View, Brook Road, Redhill, from 1942 to 1954.  Archibald died in 1955, aged 74. The 1956 directory shows Mrs E Woods at that address.

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