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Richard & Maria Woods of Catteshall

Richard Woods, a son of George and Mary, was baptised in Shalford on 6 December 1795.

Maria, daughter of Samuel and Mary Denyer, was baptised in Thursley, Surrey, on 14 August 1796.

Richard Woods married Maria Denyer in Thursley on 29 October 1823 and they lived in Catteshall, which is just East of Godalming.  They are known to have had the following children baptised:

Elizabeth 9 Jan 1825 Thursley
John 18 Mar 1827 Godalming
William Edward (b. 1829 ?) 6 Mar 1831 Thursley
George 28 Oct 1831 Godalming
Samuel 7 Jun 1833 Godalming
Charles 30 Mar 1836 Godalming
Rosina  (born 30 Apr) 8 Jun 1838 Godalming
Maria 11 Oct 1840 Godalming

Rosina's birth certificate shows Richard's occupation as a baker but in 1841 the family were in Catteshall except for Richard and Elizabeth who were staying on Mead Row where they were registered as servants.  However, the 1851 and 1861 census records do show Richard as a baker in Catteshall.

Richard died in 1867, aged 72, and in 1871 Maria was running a grocery shop in Catteshall Hatch along with her youngest daughter Maria and a 7-year-old grandson, Richard.  Was he Maria’s son?

In 1881 Maria was still running the shop and Maria and Richard were still living with her.  She died in 1883, aged 87.

Of their children:

  • Elizabeth married Charles Matthews in 1846 and they lived in Catteshall where Charles worked as a labourer, sometimes in a paper mill.  Their known children were:
    Charles bap. 12 Sep 1847 Godalming
    Elizabeth bap. 13 May 1849 Godalming
    Mary Ann ca. 1851 Godalming
    George ca. 1856 Pimlico
    William 1859 Godalming
    Rosa 1866 Godalming
    Alice 1871 Godalming
    By 1901 Elizabeth was a widow living in Farnham Union Workhouse.  She died in 1906.
  • John, a labourer, married Elizabeth Pickett (born 1830, Compton) in 1852.  They are known to have had the following children:
    William Charles bap. 12 Jun 1853 Shalford
    George bap. 27 Jun 1855 Artington, Guildford
    Harriet Maria bap. 5 July 1857 Catshall
    Rosina ca 1858 Godalming
    Jane 1860 Godalming
    Mary Catherine ca 1861 Godalming
    Elizabeth ca 1863 Godalming
    Francis ca 1866 Godalming
    Clara ca 1868 Godalming
    John Pickett 1870 Godalming
    In 1861 John was living in Catteshall and working as a labourer in a tan works.  In 1871 he was an agricultural labourer living in Church Road, Farncombe.  His son William was then shown as a wool winder and idiot, and his son George was a baker's boy.  In 1881 he was shown as a tanner and was living with Elizabeth and their children; William, George, Elizabeth, Francis, Clara and John.  In 1891 he was a general labourer still at Church Road.  William was working at a hosiery factory, Francis at the Skin Mills and John jr. was a grocer’s porter.  John died in 1894.
  • William, a tanner, married Harriet Langhorn (born Godalming ca.1831) in 1853 and they are known to have had the following children:
    Edward ca. 1853 Godalming
    Walter ca. 1858 Godalming
    Willie ca. 1861 Godalming
    Mary Anne ca. 1864 Hemel Hempstead
    Rose Clare ca. 1867 Hemel Hempstead
    Jane ca. 1869 Hemel Hempstead
    Kate Lilian ca. 1871 Hemel Hempstead
    Alice ca. 1875 Hemel Hempstead
    In 1861 they were living in Catteshall but around 1862 they moved to Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire.  In 1871 and 1881 they were living at Corner Hall Wharf, by the canal, and he was still a tanner.  In 1891 he was a foreman at a coal and wine merchants and living at Wharf House, 2 Two Waters Road, which may have been the same house as before.  In 1901 he was a manager at the coal and wine merchants and living at Boxmoor Wharf.
    • In 1881 Edward was a tanner, also at Corner Hall, with his wife, Mary Ann, and children; Amelia Ellen (1878) and William Edward (1880).
  • George was a tanner and married Martha Mansell at Thursley on 24 December 1863.  They lived in Hemel Hempstead where they had the following children:
    Maud L ca. 1864 Hemel Hempstead
    Clara ca. 1865 Hemel Hempstead
    George ca. 1867 Hemel Hempstead
    Annie 1870 Hemel Hempstead
    Walter ca. 1872 Hemel Hempstead
    Rosa Sarah 1875 Hemel Hempstead
    Willie 1877 Hemel Hempstead
    Samuel Leonard 1880 Hemel Hempstead
    They lived at Ebberns Cottages, Durrants Hill, which in 1891 was recorded as 3 Durrants Hill.  George died in 1907, aged 78
  • Samuel was a tanner and married Lydia Monk in 1857.
  • Charles was a tanner and in 1859 he married Annie Coppinger from Andover and in 1861 was staying at 15 Alice Street, Bermondsey, with the first of their children:
    Fanny 1860 Bermondsey
    Charles 1862 Bermondsey
    Annie 1866 Hemel Hempstead
    Mary 1868 Hemel Hempstead
    Alice ca. 1870 Hemel Hempstead
    Esther ca. 1871 Hemel Hempstead
    Ellen ca. 1873 Hemel Hempstead
    William ca. 1875 Hemel Hempstead
    Kate Lilian 1882 Hemel Hempstead
    By 1871 they had moved to Hemel Hemstead where they lived at Grosvenor Terrace, Pullen? Road. Ann died in 1888 and in 1890 Charles remarried to Betsey Steward, whose invalid father was living with them in 1891. Charles and Betsey were still at 8 Grosvenor Terrace in 1901.
  • Rosina married John Collins, a farm labourer, at St Nicholas, Guildford, on 9 June 1866. They lived at 2 Park Road and had four children:
    Elizabeth Maria bap. 8 Dec 1867 Stoke next Guildford, Sry
    George James bap. 11 Dec 1870 Holy Trinity, Guildford, Sry
    Emma Rose bap. 22 Jun 1873 Holy Trinity, Guildford, Sry
    Kate Jane 1875  
    At the 1901 census Rosina was shown as a widow and her son George, still un-married, was a postman.  Emma was still at home and there was also a 4-year-old grandson, Alfred, who had been born in South Kensington.
  • Maria may have had a son, Richard, in 1863.  She never married but helped her mother run the shop in Catteshall Hatch.  After her mother died she lived on her own in Mead Row (1891) and Harts Lane (1901).  She died in 1909, aged 67.

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