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Thomas & Mary Winchester of Bletchingley

Thomas Winchester, illegitimate son of Jane, was baptised in Bletchingley on 3 March 1776.

Mary Stone was born in Lingfield around 1779 according to the 1851 census.

Thomas Winchester married Mary Stone in Godstone, Surrey, in January 1804.  They are known to have had the following children baptised:

Sally 8 Jul 1804 Godstone
William 4 May 1806 Horne (b.  6 Apr)
Mary 1 May 1808 Horne (b.  3 Apr)
Ann 25 Mar 1810 Horne (b. 23 Feb)
Eliza ca. 1812 Blechingley
Charlotte 27 Feb 1814 Blechingley (b. 7 Feb)
Thomas 9 Apr 1815 Blechingley
Harriet 3 Aug 1817 Blechingley
Edmund 29 Aug 1819 Blechingley
Richard 3 Mar 1821 Blechingley

Thomas was a farm labourer and lived in Bletchingley. In 1816 he was recorded as one of two householders in a cottage in Church Lane, Blechingley. This may have been a 14th or 15th century cottage now called Obberds, between the Butchers and what is now Nicholas Wolmer's cottage.

In 1841 Thomas and Mary were living in what was probably the same house, along with two grandchildren; Margaret, aged 9, and Kenrick, 6, and their married daughter Harriet and her family.  Margaret’s parents are not known but Kenrick was the son of their daughter Eliza. Thomas was buried in Bletchingley on 29 September 1844 and was said to be 71.

By 1851 Mary was living in the Almshouses with her granddaughter, Margaret, aged 19. Mary was buried in Bletchingley on 18 October 1857, aged 78.

Of their children:

  • William married Sarah Parsons and they lived in Bletchingly.

  • Eliza had a son, Kenrick Curtsoy? Winchester, baptised in Bletchingley on 29 March 1835, who appears to have been brought up by his grandparents. On 13 November 1839 Eliza married a widow, James Roffey, in Bletchingley. Neither has been located in the 1841 census and in 1851 Eliza and Kenrick were in Bletchingly, but not James. Kenrick died in 1860 and in succeeding census records Eliza was found to be living as housekeeper to a bachelor, Charles W Pimm, a retired farmer who also worked for a time as an Inspector of Sewers. They were in Caterham in 1861, Croydon in 1871 and Bletchingley in 1881. Eliza was buried in Bletchingley on 8 April 1891. James Roffey re-appeared lodging in Godstone in 1871 and Bletchingley in 1881, where he was buried in 1885.
  • Thomas was a farm labourer and married Emily Christmas (born ca.1824 in Capel) in Bletchingley on 17 August 1845 and they had children baptised as follows:
    Edmund 29 Mar 1846 Blechingley
    Emma 20 Aug 1848 Blechingley
    William 3 Aug 1851 Godstone
    Thomas 8 Jan 1854 Godstone
    James 18 May 1856 Godstone
    Louisa 8 Aug 1858 Godstone
    Elizabeth Ann 9 Jun 1861 Godstone
    Emily Christmas 14 Feb 1864 Godstone
    Kate 12 Aug 1866 Godstone
    Minnie 9 May 1869 Godstone
    The first two children were baptised in Bletchingley and the rest in Godstone where the family were living in 1851, 1861 and 1871.  Thomas died in 1875 and Emily re-married in 1878 to George Harris.
  • Harriet married James Buckland and they lived initially in Bletchingley and later at Brookers Cottages, Cormongers Lane, Nutfield with their children:
    John bap. 28 Jan 1838 Bletchingley
    James bap. 28 Jun 1840 Bletchingley
    George Ezekiel bap. 12 Jun 1842 Bletchingley
    William ca.1845  
    Allan bap. 30 Apr 1848 Nutfield
    Sarah Ellen bap. 6 Oct 1850 Nutfield
    Harriet was widowed before 1861 and died in 1884.
  • Richard married Elizabeth Wilson (born 1826), also from Bletchingley, in 1850. However, at the 1851 census they were shown separately, Richard lodging with James Hayne and Elizabeth working as a servant for Sophia Bond. In 1861 the family were at Little Harbour Farm in Bletchingley.
    Their children were:
    Amelia bap. 5 Dec 1852 Bletchingley
    Caroline bap. 25 Jan 1857 Bletchingley
    Alice Elizabeth bap. 5 Dec 1858 Bletchingley
    Emma bap. 25 Nov 1860 Bletchingley
    Leonard Richard reg. Q4 1870 Esher
    In 1871 they were at Esher Place Lodge in Esher, as they were in 1881 and 1891.
    Richard appears to have died in 1899.

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