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William & Amelia Pattenden
of East Grinstead

William Pattenden, the second son of John and Elizabeth, was baptised in East Grinstead, Sussex, on 14 May 1786.

Amelia Dearling was born in Horne, Surrey, where she was baptised as Mille, daughter of William and Mary on 10 October 1790 .

William married Amelia in East Grinstead on 21 October 1814 and they had the following children baptised:

Amelia 5 Nov 1815 Lingfield, Sry
George 13 Dec 1818 East Grinstead
James 22 Dec 1820 East Grinstead
John 1 Jun 1823 East Grinstead
Stephen 21 Aug 1825 East Grinstead
Mary 6 Jan 1828 East Grinstead
Thomas 12 Sep 1830 East Grinstead

Mary's parents were recorded as William and Mildred in the baptism register but from other evidence it is clearly the same family.

It seems likely that William worked in the timber industry for most of his life and at the 1841 census he was shown as a lath render. Also with him was his wife Amelia, children John, shown as a brewer, and Thomas and a grand-daughter, Caroline, the illegitimate daughter of Amelia who had since married to William Haesman.

The East Grinstead Tithe of 1842 lists William Pattenden as owner of a cottage, and just over six acres of land, in the area of what are now the allotments in Imberhorne Lane.

In 1851 William, by then 67, was described as a brewer living at East Grinstead Common with his wife, their son Thomas and grand-daughter Caroline (shown as niece).  Thomas was also a brewer. At this time most of their children were married and all except James were living within a few houses of each other on East Grinstead Common.

William died on 29 March 1852 and was buried at St Swithuns, East Grinstead. In his will, made in 1841, he descibed himself as a shopkeeper and left everything to his wife Amelia.

MI in Langney Cemetery
Headstone at St Swithuns


to the memory of
who died March 29th
aged 66 years


photo courtesy of Isobel Holman

The 1861 census shows Amelia as a carpenter’s widow living as an inmate at Sackville College, East Grinstead, where she died in 1869, aged 78, and was buried in East Grinstead Cemetery on 1 May.

Of their children:

  • Amelia had a daughter, Caroline, baptised in East Grinstead on 25 September 1835.  She later married William Heasman, a lath cleaver in the timber industry, and they had about eight children in the East Grinstead area before moving to Redhill in 1866.

  • George was a sawyer and he and his wife, Harriett, had eight children:
    Mary Jane Q4 1841 Horne, Sry
    Eliza Q3 1843 Horne, Sry
    Anna Q1 1846 Horne, Sry
    James Q1 1848 Horne, Sry
    Harriet Q2 1850 East Grinstead, Ssx
    William Q4 1852 Horne, Sry
    Charles Q4 1857 Godstone, Sry
    Fanny Q4 1860 Kennington, Sry
    In 1851 George was living on East Grinstead Common and in 1861 they were at 11 Church Street, Lambeth.  In 1871 they were in Farnborough, Kent, but I have not found George in 1881.  By 1891 George was a widow and living in Hayes Common in Kent where he was still living in 1901.  He died in 1909, aged 90.
  • James married Mary Criswell in 1849 and they had three children:
    Ann Q2 1850 Godstone
    Mary Q2 1853 Godstone
    Henry James Q3 1861 Godstone
    James worked in the timber industry, mainly as a lath render. In 1851 they were at Hedge Court, Horne and in 1861 at 4 Rope Platt Lane, Horne. By 1871 they had moved to Godstone. James may have died in 1889.
  • John married Frances Walder in 1845 and they had six children:
    Amelia Q3 1846 East Grinstead
    Alfred Q3 1847 East Grinstead
    Thomas Q1 1849 East Grinstead
    Agnes Q3 1850 East Grinstead
    Charles Q4 1851 East Grinstead
    Kate Q2 1856 East Grinstead
    In 1851 John was a farmer with 80 acres on East Grinstead Common but by 1861 they had moved to Croydon, Surrey, and John was working as a sawyer.  They settled in Croydon as they appear in each census up until 1891 and John was sometimes referred to as a Park Fencer.
  • Mary, aged 13, appears to have been working as a servant in Crawley in 1841. Her first marriage was to Henry Kenward in 1843, when she was probably still only 15. However, there were no known children and Henry died in 1845. Mary then married William Dyer on 3 August 1846 witnessed by her brother, George, and his wife, Harriet. Mary and William had one son:
    William Dyer Q3 1847 Lingfield

    At the 1851 census Mary was shown as a married seamstress living at East Grinstead Common with her son and a lodger, George Holman. Her husband has not been found, either in this census or in any subsequent record!

    Mary married her lodger, George Holman, a labourer, in 1855 and appears to have had 5 children by him:

    Ann Dyer bapt. 30 May 1852 East Grinstead, St Swithun
    Alice Holman ca. 1855 East Grinstead
    Caroline Holman Q3 1861 East Grinstead
    Annette Holman Q1 1860 East Grinstead
    Alan Holman Q2 1864 East Grinstead

    Mary and George continued to live in the East Grinstead Common area until Mary died in 1909 and George in 1910.

  • Thomas was a brewer working with his father in 1851.  By 1861 he had married Harriet, moved to Godden Green, Seal in Kent and Thomas was working as a carpenter, which he did for the rest of his life.  Their children were:
    William Q3 1855 East Grinstead
    Mary Q1 1860 Sevenoaks, Kent
    Anna Q1 1863 Seal, Kent
    Harriet Q4 1865 Seal, Kent
    Caroline Q2 1868 Seal, Kent
    Alice Q3 1870 Seal, Kent
    Thomas Edmund Q1 1877 Seal, Kent
    Thomas and Harriet were still living in Back Lane, Godden Green, in 1901. Thomas died in 1908.

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