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John & Elizabeth Pattenden
of East Grinstead

John Pattenden, the eldest surviving son of Richard and Mary, was baptised in East Grinstead on 27 December 1753.

He married Elizabeth Gower in East Grinstead on 30 October 1774 and they had the following children:

Elizabeth 30 Oct 1774 East Grinstead (died young?)
Ann 20 Sep 1778 East Grinstead
Mary 15 Apr 1781 East Grinstead
Thomas 23 Nov 1783 East Grinstead
Elizabeth 13 Feb 1785 East Grinstead
William 14 May 1786 East Grinstead
Edward 12 Oct 1788 East Grinstead
Henry 6 Mar 1791 East Grinstead
Charlotte 4 May 1794 East Grinstead
Jane 21 Aug 1796 East Grinstead
Susan 21 Oct 1798 East Grinstead

 Of their children:

  • Ann may have married Thomas Butler in Salehurst on 18 Jan 1801.
  • Mary married Benjamin Cork in West Hoathly on 14 Sep 1806 and in 1841 they were living in Hartfield, Sussex.
  • Thomas may have married Harriet French in Salehurst on 18 Apr 1818.
  • William married Amelia Dearling.
  • Edward married Lucy Brooker in Croydon, St John the Baptist, in August 1821 and they had the following children baptised:
    Edward 10 Feb 1822 Worth
    William 30 May 1824 East Grinstead
    Caroline 28 Jan 1827 East Grinstead
    Amelia 1 Feb 1829 East Grinstead
    James 11 Aug 1833 Worth
    In 1841 Edward was a sawyer living in Copthorne, in the parish of Worth, Sussex. In 1851 he was farming 9 acres at Copthorne Farm with his wife and sons Edward, William and James living at home. The sons were all shown as sawyers. In 1861 Edward and Lucy were still farming 11 acres in Worth. Edward died in 1863.
  • Henry married Jane Wood in East Grinstead on 9 January 1820 where they had the following children:
    John 7 May 1820 East Grinstead
    Eliza 25 Aug 1822 East Grinstead
    Henry 10 Jul 1825 East Grinstead
    Jane 24 Jun 1827 East Grinstead
    William 24 May 1829 East Grinstead
    Sarah 29 May 1831 East Grinstead
    George 22 Jul 1832 East Grinstead
    Harriet 6 Jul 1834 East Grinstead
    James 1836 Horne (died young?)
    Peter 31 Dec 1837 East Grinstead
    Thomas 1840 Horne
    Edmund 1842 Horne (died 1842)
    Amos 3 Oct 1843 Horne
    Henry was a sawyer living in Horne in 1841 with his wife and most of their children. In 1851 they were at Hedge Court in Horne parish. By 1861 Henry was shown as a farmer and sawyer at Waterbury Castle, Horne and in 1871 he was still farming 20 acres in Hedge Court Road with the help of his son Amos. Henry died in 1874 aged 84.
    • George probably married Philadelphia from Godstone with whom he was living in 1861 with their two children Anne and Alfred both born in Worth. They also appear to have had a son William in 1858 but he is not with them in 1861.
    • Peter married Ellen Gear in East Grinstead on 17 September 1859 and they are known to have had two children there, William in 1860 and Charles in 1862. They also had a daughter Ellen and a son Hursley baptised in Felbridge in 1864 and 1866 respectively.
  • Charlotte married James Meads in Balcombe on 21 Jan 1822 and are known to have had the following children baptised:
    John 28 Jul 1822 Ardingly
    William 17 Feb 1824 Ardingly
    James 20 Feb 1825 Ardingly
    Eleanor 24 Dec 1826 Ardingly
    Thomas 28 Dec 1828 Ardingly
    Mary 10 Apr 1831 Ardingly
    Joseph 3 Feb 1839 Ardingly
    In 1841 James and Charlotte were in Ardingly with their youngest three children.

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