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William & Hannah Monk of Send

William Monk, son of William and Rebecca, was baptised in Send & Ripley on 21 April 1793.

Hannah Dolley, daughter of John and Hannah, was baptised in Worplesdon on 8 January 1792.

William married Hannah in Send & Ripley on 7 May 1816 and among their children were:

Louisa ca. 1816  
Elizabeth 19 Mar 1820 Send & Ripley bap. 16 Apr
Caroline 10 Dec 1821 Send & Ripley bap. 6 Jan 1822
Isaac 25 Oct 1825 Send & Ripley bap. 20 Nov
Joseph 1 Jun 1827 Send & Ripley bap. 24 Jun
Mary 11 Jun 1829 Send & Ripley bap. 12 Jul
Samuel 4 Nov 1831 Send & Ripley bap. 4 Dec
Rosannah 27 Jan 1836 Send & Ripley bap. 28 Feb

Hannah appears to have died in 1841. At the census William was living in Send with several of his children plus a granddaughter, Lydia, Louisa’s illegitimate child. Two of his daughters had married.

In 1843 William married a widow, Sarah Ayling, and in 1851 they were living in Ripley with William’s son Samuel and two of Sarah’s children. William was receiving parish relief.

William continued to live in Ripley with Sarah and he died in either 1862 or 1864.

Of their children:

  • Louisa had a daughter, Lydia, in 1836 and married Robert Turner in 1843.
  • Elizabeth married Meshach Linegar, a farm worker, in Send & Ripley on 28 October 1837 and in 1841 they were living in Send with their only known son, James (born 1839).  Elizabeth died in 1846.
  • Caroline married John Dewberry, a farm worker, in 1838 and they are believed to have had 3 children baptised:
    William 12 Apr 1840 Worplesdon
    Ellen (or Helen) 3 Jan 1847 Worplesdon
    Henry Albert 4 Aug 1852 Woking, St John the Baptist
    In 1841 they were in Woking and again in 1851 at Saunders Lane.  I have not traced them after this.
  • Isaac was a farm worker living with his father in 1841 but has not been traced after that.
  • Joseph may have died in 1841. He does not appear in the census.
  • Mary has not been traced after 1841.
  • Samuel was a farm worker and married Eliza Cox in 1856. Their children were:
    Samuel bapt 27 Dec 1857 Ockham
    William bapt 25 Dec 1859 Ockham
    Clara born 21 Apr 1862 Ripley (bapt 1 June)
    Lydia Q3 1864 Ockham
    Arthur Q4 1866 Wisley
    Benjamin Q4 1868 Wisley
    Emily Eliza Q1 1878 Stoke D’Abernon (bap. 1 Sep)
    They were at Batchelor’s in Ockham in 1861, Riverside in Wisley in 1871, Stoke Tilt in Stoke D’Abernon in 1881 and Silvermere in Hersham in 1891.  By 1901 Eliza had died and Samuel was living with his son, Samuel’s, family in Woking. He died in 1912 aged 82.
  • Rosanna was working as a servant in Worplesdon in 1851.  In 1858 she married Richard Ricketts, a farm worker from West Clandon, where they were living in 1861. Their children were:
    Rosanna bapt 28 Aug 1859 Guildford, Holy Trinity
    Ann Louise Q13 1861 West Clandon
    Alice Q3 1865 Stoke
    Eliza bapt 24 May 1868 Guildford, St Mary
    Richard bapt 19 Feb 1870 Guildford, St Mary
    James Q4 1872 Guildford
    The family moved to Guildford where they were living at Milk House Gate in 1871, Drummond Road in 1881 and 17 South Street in 1891. By 1901 Richard had died and Rosanna was staying with her married son James.  She died in 1906 aged 70.

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