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Martin & Elizabeth Effemey of Romsey

Martin Effamy may have been a son of Martin and Mary of Tytherly born in 1785. It appears that the names Martin and Mark (Mart?) were used interchangeably in this family as both Martin and his son, Martin, were often recorded as Mark.

Elizabeth Harding, daughter of William and Hannah, was baptised in Romsey on 27 February 1791.

Martin Effemey married Elizabeth Harding in Romsey on 6 December 1807 and they had a number of children baptised there:

Jane 14 Aug 1808 born 1 April
Stephen 22 Jul 1810 born 4 July
Fanny 3 Jan 1813  
Elizabeth 2 Apr 1815  
Martin 9 Nov 1817  
William 10 Sep 1820  
Betsey 10 Aug 1823  
Mary Ann 16 Apr 1826  
Louisa 23 Nov 1828  

Elizabeth was buried in Romsey on 22 January 1837 and the 1841 census shows Mark living in Latemore Street, Romsey, along with William, Louisa, his married daughter Fanny and her husband William Rogers.

In 1851 Mark was still in Latemore Street, but this time his son, William, was staying with him along with his wife and daughter. In most records Mark was shown as a farm labourer.

By 1861 Mark was staying with his son Martin and his family and he died in 1866 aged 81.

Of their children:

  • Jane had a daughter, Fanny Effamy, baptised in Romsey on 23 November 1828 and may have married Henry Clarke?

  • Stephen was a farm worker and married Martha Wren in Michelmersh on 13 October 1831.  They had the following children baptised:
    William 18 Dec 1831 Romsey
    Jane 26 May 1833 Romsey
    Ellen 7 Sep 1834 Romsey
    Elizabeth 12 Jun 1836 Romsey
    George 1 Jul 1838 Romsey
    Charles 3 Jan 1841 Romsey
    Edwin 5 Feb 1843 Romsey
    Alfred 27 Apr 1845 Michelmersh
    Fanny 18 Jul 1847 Michelmersh
    Frederick 11 Nov 1849 Michelmersh
    John 23 Nov 1851 Michelmersh
    Henry 28 Feb 1854 Michelmersh
    Sarah 13 Apr 1856 Michelmersh
    It is clear from the Romsey baptisms that they had moved to Michelmersh by 1836 which is where they were living, at Marsh Cross, in 1851.  Two of their children, Elizabeth and Charles, were staying with Martha’s parents, John and Elizabeth Wren, also in Michelmersh.  By 1861 the family had moved to Timsbury.
    • Jane married John Meaby in Michelmersh on 4 October 1851 and by 1861 they were living in Timsbury with their children.
    • Charles married Elizabeth Wren in Michelmersh on 13 April 1861.
    • Alfred married Jane Oliver in Nursling on 13 October 1866 where they had Fred in 1868, George and Harry in 1870, and Alfred in 1872.
    • Fanny married Henry Charles Biddicombe in Timsbury on 22 November 1869.
    • Frederick married Mary Ann Day in Timsbury on 29 July 1871.
    • Henry married Emma Coward in Timsbury on 8 January 1877.
  • Fanny married William Rogers, a farm worker, in 1837.  They seem to have always lived in Latemore Street, Romsey, but had no children.
  • Martin, mostly shown as a shoemaker, married Elizabeth Teagues in St John's, Winchester on 20 September 1840 and they lived in Romsey where they had the following children baptised:
    Albert Frederick 29 Mar 1843  
    Ellen 5 Apr 1845 died?
    William Edward 6 Jun 1848  
    Elija Martin 5 Aug 1851 died 1855
    Alford 12 Nov 1853 died?
    Ellen Emily 10 Apr 1855  
    Walter 19 May 1857  
    Henery Heber 19 Jan 1860 died 1860
    Alfred 27 Nov 1861  
    In 1851 Martin, shown as Mark, was living in Latemore Street and they had Elizabeth’s father, William Teagues, staying with them.  In 1861 they were at Hundred, Romsey, and had Martin’s father staying with them and they were still there in 1871.  Martin died in 1880, aged 61.
    • Ellen Emily had a son William in 1872.
  • William was a farm labourer and married Martha sometime in the 1840s.  Their only known child was baptised in Romsey:
    Fanny Louisa 11 Apr 1847 Romsey
    In 1851 they were staying with William’s father in Latemore Street, and in 1861 they were shown at China Court, Romsey.  William died in 1875 and Martha in 1876.
  • Louisa married Joseph Chapman and lived in Romsey and later Redhill.

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