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William & Mary Dearling of Horne, Surrey

William Dearling was born around 1752.

Mary Ledger, daughter of William and Elizabeth, was baptised in Horne, Surrey, on 29 June 1755.

William Dearling married Mary Ledger in Godstone on 20 September 1775. Although they probably had children early in their marriage, no baptisms have yet been found until the series in Horne:

Thomas 24 Oct 1784 Horne
James 21 Jan 1787 Horne
Mille 10 Oct 1790 Horne
Elizabeth 7 Apr 1793 Horne
Sophia 17 Aug 1794 Horne
Hester 6 Sep 1795 Horne

At some stage before 1812 the family clearly moved to Lingfield, Surrey, where William and Mary and three of their children are known to have been buried.

William was buried in Lingfield on 4 February 1825, aged 72.

Mary was buried in Lingfield on 29 January 1837, aged 81.

Of their known children:

  • Thomas was buried in Lingfield on 7 December 1821, aged 37.
  • James was buried in Lingfield on 8 June 1812, aged 25.
  • Mille, as Amelia Dearling, married William Pattenden in East Grinstead on 21 October 1814.
  • Hester was buried in Lingfield on 6 August 1815, aged 19.

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