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John & Hannah Chapman

John Chapman is believed to have been born in Hursley, Hampshire, around 1765. It seems likely that he had an earlier marriage than the one found but nothing is known about this.

Hannah Parsons is believed to have been born in Queen Camel, Somerset, around 1789.

John Chapman married Hannah Parsons in Hursley in 10 January 1820 and they are known to have had three children:

Joseph ca.1822  
Georgiana ca.1824  
Henrietta ca.1827  

In 1841 John and Hannah were in Crampmoore, just east of Romsey, with their three known children. John and Hannah were still there in 1851.

John died in 1853 and in 1861 Hannah was living with her married daughter, Henrietta’s family in Romsey. Hannah probably died in the 1860s.

Of John and Hannah’s known shildren:

  • Joseph married Louisa Effamey and lived in Romsey.
  • Henrietta married Samuel Collins, a tailor, in 1845 and their children were:
    Samuel 1846  
    Thomas 1848  
    John 1850  
    Cornelius 1852  
    Henrietta 1854  
    Fanny ca.1857  
    William Barton 1860  
    Edwin 1864  
    George Henry 1872  
    Samuel and Henrietta lived in Romsey until the 1870s when they moved to Birmingham. Henrietta died in Birmingham in 1901.

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