Samuel & Sarah Parry of Pentre Broughton

Samuel Parry is believed to have been born around 1805. He became a collier and would have worked in one of the many collieries near Broughton, about 3 miles NW of Wrexham. He married a local girl, Sarah Evans, who was probably born around 1808 and they are known to have had nine children:


ca. 1830


ca. 1832


ca. 1834


ca. 1836


ca. 1839


ca. 1842


born 27 Oct 1844


ca. 1847

Peter Francis

ca. 1850

Samuel died on 2 June 1850 leaving everything to Sarah including “three cottages, gardens and two small fields”. His will, dated 25 May 1850, also named all his children.

There was a piece of land to the north of Black Lane which was known in the family as Sarah Parry's patch. She had two small, 2 up / 2 down, cottages on her patch and apparently water had to be fetched from the nearby stream. This would have been the cottages known as Ty Newydd and Awelfa which remained in the family until 1977 but have since been renamed. Were these two of the cottages mentioned in Samuel’s will?

In 1851 Sarah was living at Pentre Broughton with all her known children. All her sons down to Edwin, then aged 12, were colliers. Sarah was still at Pentre in 1861 with Samuel, John, Edwin, Sarah and Peter.

In 1871 Sarah was living in Castle Town Road, Brymbo, with Samuel and Peter and by 1881 she was in Brake village with her son Peter who was described as an invalid.

Sarah died in 1889, aged about 80.

Of their children:

  • Robert and his wife, Elizabeth, lived in Brymbo and in 1871 their address was given as Penrhos Colliery. Their known children were:



    Margaret A



    ca. 1860

    Thomas Henry

    ca. 1863

    Robert Edwin


    By 1881 Robert was a widowed coal-miner living at Penfold House, Brymbo, with his sons. The three elder sons were all blacksmiths at the colliery.

    By 1891 he appears to have re-married as he was shown with his wife, Margaret, at G__arche House near Brymbo Hall.

    He may have been still alive in 1901 although described as 69 and sick.

  • John was a coal miner and in 1871 was living at Pentre with his wife, Hannah.
  • Edwin was a collier, married Ellen Thomas and lived in Moss.
  • Price became a colliery stationary engine driver and married Sarah Cross in 1869. Their known children were:

    William Charles







    ca. 1879


    ca. 1882

    Elizabeth Ann



    ca. 1888

    In 1871 Price and Sarah were living at Moss with their son, William, and in 1881 they were in Brake village.

    By 1891 Sarah had died and Price was living in Castle Town Road, Brymbo, with all his known children. He was still in Brymbo in 1901 with Clara, Enos and Mary. Enos was a colliery labourer.

  • Peter seems to have been handicapped as he remained living with his mother and in 1871 was described as an invalid. In 1891, after his mother had died, he was recorded as a pauper patient at the North Wales Counties Lunatic Asylum in Denbigh.