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Thomas & Hannah Speed
of Crudgington

Thomas Speed was probably born in the 1760s.

Hannah Dod, daughter of William and Hannah, was baptised in Whitchurch on 29 December 1767.

Thomas Speed married Hannah Dod in Edgmond, Shropshire, on 20 January 1792 and their known children were baptised:

Mary 11 Nov 1792 Waters Upton
Elisabeth 23 Sep 1792 Waters Upton
Elisabeth 21 Jun 1795 Waters Upton
John 15 Jan 1797 Waters Upton

Thomas and Hannah both appear to have died before the 1841 census.

Of their children:

  • Elizabeth married William Gregory in High Ercall on 31 December 1818 and lived in Grudgington Green.
  • John, a farm worker, married Ann Giles in Kinnersley on 31 January 1825 and they are believed to have had the following children:
    James ca. 1825  
    John ca. 1826  
    William ca. 1830  
    George 2 Jun 1833 High Ercall
    Samuel 15 Mar 1835 High Ercall
    Benjamin 7 Feb 1838 High Ercall
    John appears to have lived all his adult life in Crudgington Green.  His wife Ann died in 1865 and in 1871 his son James was living with him along with his family.  Johndied in 1876, aged 79.

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