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William & Martha Newnes
of Crudgington

William is the first Newnes known to have lived in Crudgington.  Probably born in the 1730's, he married Martha Fortune in St Michael and All Angels Church, High Ercall, on 20 January 1755.  At that time High Ercall was the parish church, there being no church in Crudgington until the end of the 19th century.  Their marriage was witnessed by Jane Mathews.

They had 7 children, all christened in High Ercall:

William 16 Jan 1757  
John 16 Apr 1659  
Martha 20 Apr 1761  
Thomas 10 Apr 1763  
James 26 May 1765  
Charles 6 Nov 1766  
George 12 Jan 1769  

Martha, William's wife, died in 1798 and was buried in High Ercall on 24 August 1798. When William died some 14 years later on 4th December 1812 he too was buried at High Ercall.

Of their children:

  • James died aged about 6 months and was buried in High Ercall on 7 November 1765.
  • Charles became a shoemaker and married Ann Worley in High Ercall in 1792.
  • George married Elizabeth Lewis in High Ercall on 14 November 1791. They were married by Henry Wood and the ceremony was witnessed by Charles Newnes. They lived in Rowton and had one child:
    John 1793  
    The following year George died and was buried in High Ercall on 17 October 1794.  It is thought that Elizabeth subsequently remarried to John Walker in 1796.

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