George & Mary Newns of Crudgington

George Newnes, the youngest child of Charles and Ann, was christened in Waters Upton on 25 October 1818. He became a shoemaker, like his father, and in 1841 was still living with his parents in Crudgington, Shropshire.

Mary Gregory was the daughter of William and Elizabeth, near neighbours of the Newns family, and was baptised on 3 February 1822.

On 2 June 1846 George married Mary in High Ercall and they are known to have had nine children (baptisms where known):


28 Mar 1847

High Ercall


1 Oct 1848

High Ercall


11 Jan 1851

High Ercall (born 15 Dec 1850)


9 Jan 1853

High Ercall


9 Sep 1855

High Ercall (died 13 Mar 1856)


ca. 1858

Mary Emily

Q1 1861


21 Dec 1862

Waters Upton



In 1851 George and Mary, and their two sons Henry and William, were living with George's father in Crudgington Green. Their daughter Ann was nearby, staying with her grandparents, William and Elizabeth Gregory. In 1861 they had Emma, James and Mary at home, and in 1871 James, Mary, Samuel and John.  By 1881 only John was still living with them in Crudgington Green.

George died in 1883, aged 64.

In 1891 Mary was still living in Crudgington Green along with her son James, as they were in 1901 when Mary’s grand-daughter, Martha Price, was also staying with them.

Mary died in 1906, aged about 84.

Of George and Mary's children:

  • Ann married George Price in 1877 and in 1881 they were living in Hadley. In 1891 they were in Oakengates and George was working in the rail factory. Ann died in 1891, aged 44. Their children were:


    Q1 1878


    George Henry

    Q1 1880



    Q4 1882

    Hadley ?


    Q3 1886


  • Henry married Mary Jones in 1870 and at the 1871 census they were living in Rushmoor with their 3-month-old son George, at which time Henry was a shoemaker. However he was living next door to a railway signalman and by the 1881 census Henry had also become a railway signalman and the family were living at Newpark Terrace in Shrewsbury, along with Henry’s brother, Samuel, and Mary’s brother, Robert Jones.

    In 1891 they were at 24 North Street, Shrewsbury, and they had two of Henry’s brothers; Samuel and John, living with them.

    In 1901 they were at 58 Queen Street, Shrewsbury, and Samuel was still living with them. Their daughter Martha was staying with her grandmother. Their daughter Mary was a music teacher.

    In 1911 they were still in Queen Street and Samuel was still living with them, Henry and Samuel still worked on the railway. Henry died in 1927.

    Their children were:


    Q1 1870



    Q2 1874



    Q4 1882


  • William became a Methodist minister and married Louisa Duck in 1879.
  • Emma was a servant in Rodington in 1871 and married William Morris, a carpenter, in 1876. They lived in Rodington Heath with their children:


    Q2 1877


    Alice Emma

    Q3 1879


    Emma died in 1930, aged 77.

  • James was a wood ranger in 1891, living with his mother in Crudgington. He was still there in 1901, still single, and working as a farm labourer.
  • Mary was working as housemaid to Elizabeth Hunter at 50 The Mount, Shrewsbury, in 1881. She married her cousin Thomas Newns, a police constable and a son of Benjamin & Elizabeth, in 1887.  In 1891 they were living at The Bank, Condover, and in 1901 they were in the hamlet of Walk Mill near Norbury. In 1911 they were living in Whitchurch. Their children were:

    Benjamin George

    8 Sep 1888


    Mary Elizabeth

    Q4 1889


    Thomas James

    ca. 1891


    Samuel Henry

    Q3 1894

    Stockton, Salop

    Mary died in Manchester in 1936.

  • Samuel lived with his brother Henry’s family and does not appear to have married. In 1881 he was a groom but by 1891 he had become a railway inspector. In 1911 he was a ticket collector. Samuel died in 1947, aged 84.
  • John was a police officer staying with his brother Henry in 1891. He married Frances Johnson in 1895 and they had one daughter:

    Violet Aileen

    Q2 1896


    In 1911 he was a police constable and they were living at 21 North Street, Shrewsbury. John died in 1914.