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Charles & Ann Newnes
of Crudgington

Charles Newnes was the sixth child of William and Martha and was christened in High Ercall on 6 November 1766.  He appears to have lived all his life in Crudgington and earned his living as a shoemaker.

When he was about 26 he married Ann Worley in High Ercall on 18 September 1792. This marriage was witnessed by Robert Leighton, Allan Clarke and John Pagett. They had ten children christened in Waters Upton (which is nearer than High Ercall although in the next parish) and one who was buried in High Ercall (presumably died at birth or shortly after):

Sarah 11 Nov 1792  
John 21 Jun 1795  
Martha 12 Nov 1797  
William 18 Nov 1800  
Thomas 6 Oct 1803  
Charles 17 Jun 1806  
Ann 20 Jun 1808  
Mary buried 20 August 1811
Eliza 29 Oct 1812  
Emma 25 Oct 1818  
George 25 Dec 1818  

At the time of the 1841 census Charles and Ann were living n Crudgington with their youngest son George, and both Charles and George were shoemakers.

Ann died in 1847 and by 1851 Charles had retired; his son George, now married, was still living in the same house and had, presumably, taken over his father’s business.

Charles died in 1854, probably aged 87.

Of their children:

  • John appears to have married Ann Kendrick in 1815 and had at least 3 children:
    Sarah 1816  
    George 1819  
    John 1821  
  • William probably married Mary Gough in Wellington on 28 June 1824. They had four children, all christened in Kinnersley:
    Ann 3 Oct 1824  
    John 5 Feb 1826  
    Thomas 23 Sep 1827  
    George 6 Dec 1829  
    In 1841 their son George was a servant on the farm of John and Ann Adams in Kinnersley, but the rest of the family are not in the village. John was a servant in the house of Charles Juckes in Rowton.
  • Thomas married Mary Hollis in Wellington on 23 May 1825 and they had thirteen children:
    John 9 Oct 1825 Eyton upon the Weald Moors
    Anne 1827 Eyton upon the Weald Moors
    William 15 Nov 1829 Eyton upon the Weald Moors
    Thomas 7 Aug 1831 Waters Upton
    Charles 22 Jun 1834 High Ercall
    Emma 2 Aug 1835 High Ercall
    Robert 8 Oct 1837 High Ercall
    Mary 18 Sep 1839 High Ercall
    Sarah 20 Feb 1841 High Ercall
    Benjamin 26 Jun 1842 High Ercall
    Elizabeth 24 Nov 1844 High Ercall
    Charlotte 20 Dec 1846 High Ercall
    George 15 Apr 1849 High Ercall
    He appears to have started his married life in Eyton upon the Weald Moors and then moved back to Crudgington round about 1830.
    In 1841 he was living in Crudgington with Mary and two of their children, Emma and Robert, and his occupation was given as shoemaker (the same as his father and his brother George). Four of their children are known to have been elsewhere; John, Anna and Thomas on the Shakeshaft's farm in Sleap, and William on the Mathews' farm in Crudgington.
    By 1851 Thomas had given up shoemaking and was an agricultural labourer. They then had seven of their children at home; William and Thomas, who were both agricultural labourers, Emma, who was described as 'daughter at home', Benjamin, scholar, Elizabeth, Charlotte and George.
    In 1861 Thomas and Mary still had sons Thomas and Robert living with them and working as agricultural labourers, and their youngest son George. Charlotte was a House servant at the Taylor's farm in Ellerdine. There was a Benjamin working as a carter and living on the Brooks' farm in Osbaston who was probably Thomas and Mary's son.
    By 1871 Thomas' wife had died and his son, Benjamin, had moved in with his wife and two young children, Thomas and Mary.
    Thomas died in 1874, aged 70.
  • Charles had obviously met his future wife, Mary Millington, by 1831 as on 31 January they were both witnesses at the marriage of John Millington, presumably Mary's brother, and Mary Kibble in High Ercall parish church. Charles and Mary were themselves married in Shrewsbury on 2 February 1835. They had five children, all christened in High Ercall:
    Robert 14 Feb 1836  
    Benjamin 23 Jun 1841  
    Alfred 28 Apr 1844  
    John 26 Sep 1847  
    William 8 Sep 1850  
    In 1841 Charles and Mary were living in Crudgington with their two children, Robert and Benjamin, and apparently Mary's parents, Joseph and Margaret. Charles earned his living as a bricklayer. In 1851 Charles and Mary only had their three youngest sons, Alfred 6, John 3, and William 7 months, living with them and in 1861 Alfred, who was an apprentice bricklayer, and William, who was a carter. By 1871 all their children had left home. Charles and Mary were still living in Crudgington in 1881 but appear to have died by 1891.
  • George became a shoemaker, like his father, on 2 June 1846 he married Mary Gregory in High Ercall and they are known to have had nine children.

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