Joseph & Sarah Manners, Yeoman Farmer of Blackland

Joseph Manners, a son of David and Mary, was baptised in Bishops Cannings on 7th February 1737/8.

Sarah Clifford was probably a daughter of John and Hanna, baptised in Calne on 7th July 1736.

Joseph and Sarah were married in Calne on 13th April 1760 and are known to have had two children:


February 1761



26 Mar 1763


Joseph died on 12th April 1791, aged 53, and was buried at Blackland on 15th April where his headstone still stands.

headstone in the churchyard of St Peter, Blackland, near Calne
Inscription in the churchyard of
St Peter, Blackland, near Calne

died April ye 12th 1791
Aged 53 Years

[The verse completing this
memorial was unreadable
and partly missing]

Of Joseph’s and Sarah’s children:

  • Benjamin married Ann Gleed in 1782 and farmed to the south of Blackland.
  • Betty may have been the Elizabeth Manners who married Henry Carpenter in Calne on 31st October 1784. Their children were:


5 Jun 1785

Calne - born 1 Jun


20 Jan 1788

Calne - born 25 Dec 1787


21 Aug 1791

Calne - born 13 Aug


5 Apr 1795

Calne - born 28 Mar


3 Nov 1799



3 Nov 1799

Calne - born 17 Oct


5 Jan 1803

Calne - born 25 Dec 1802


A theory about possible further children

[This theory was proposed by Gladys E Manners in her book "Passage of No Return - Manners and Relations" privately published in Australia in 1981 and appears plausible]

It is possible that Sarah died soon after Betty was born and that Joseph remarried, although no burial or marriage has been found. If so they may have had these three children although, again, no baptisms have been found to support this:




These three all married in Bath and Henry and Jane are known to have lived in the area, possibly at Walcot where Jane's husband was from. One of Benjamin’s sons and some of his grandchildren are known from census records to have had links with Walcot, suggesting a family connection.

Of these children:

  • Henry Manners married Sarah Phillips in Bath Abbey on 22nd July 1784 where their 3 children were baptised: Sarah (1785), Henry (1787) and George (1789).
  • Mary Manners married Ralph Hale Gaby in Bath Abbey on 12th October 1786. They had a daughter, Mary Anne baptised in Chippenham, Ralph’s home town, in 1788.
  • Jane married William Bower of Walcot in Bath Abbey on 11th October 1787.