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David & Mary Manners,
Farmer of Blackland

David Manners, a son of Joseph Manners, was born in Blackland around 1709.

Mary Stephens was born around 1713.

David Manners and Mary Stephens married at Bishops Cannings on 29th September 1734 and had eight children:

James 14 Jul 1735 Bishops Cannings
Joseph 7 Feb 1737 Bishops Cannings
Rebecca ca. 1740  
Benjamin ca. 1742  
Anne ca. 1746  
David ca. 1751  
Mary ca. 1754  

David was a farmer and for a while after his marriage he lived at All Cannings, about 10 miles south-east of Calne. However he later moved to Blackland where he clearly prospered as a farmer, as shown by his will of 1782 and the accompanying inventory and accounts. The value of his estate was over £1000 and after other payments each of the seven children, or their descendants, received £127-2-0. This was clearly a lot of money at a time when the enventory shows that Mary Hood was paid 4 guineas per annum and David Manners £7.

Mary Manners died on 9 January 1771 aged 57 and was buried in Blackland on 18 January.

David Manners died on 8 January 1783 aged 71 and was buried in Blackland on 16 January.

Headstones to Mary and David stand next to each other in Blackland churchyard.

Headstones for David and Mary Manners at Blackland
In Memory of
MARY the Wife of
who died January 9 1771
Aged 57 Years
Dear Husband now my life is past
My love to you so long did last
Therefore for me no sorrow take
But love my Children for my sake
In Memory of
who departed this life
January the 8 1783
aged 71 years
My merry pilgrimage at length is o’er
No sickness here or pain shall vex me more
I’ve laid my heavy burden in the cell
And bid the troubles of the world farewell

Of their children:

  • James married Mary Cleverly in Cherhill on 7 October 1760 and their children were:
    David 1 Oct 1761 Cherhill
    Ann 28 Aug 1763 Cherhill
    Mary 13 Jul 1766 Cherhill
    Jemima 6 May 1770 Cherhill
    Sarah 1 Sep 1776 Cherhill
    James was buried on 20 June 1793 and Mary on 14 January 1803
    Headstone to James Manners



    In Memory of
    who died June ye 16:1793
    Aged 58 Years
    In vain for years the healing.....

    [remainder unreadable]

  • Joseph married Sarah Clifford in 1760 and lived in Blackland.
  • Rebecca planned to marry William Carpenter and banns were called in Calne on 24th and 31st of December 1775 and again on 7th January 1776 but the marriage did not take place.  Banns were again called in Calne on the 8th, 15th and 22nd March 1778 and the marriage then took place in Blackland on 23rd March 1778. Rebecca had died by the time her father made his will in July 1782 and her share “to my grandchildren by my daughter Rebecca Carpenter” was paid to William. Neither Rebecca’s burial nor baptisms for her children have been found.
  • Benjamin married Jane Robins in Calne on 2 June 1766 and they are believed to have had three children:
    Rebecca 15 Oct 1769 Blackland
    David 23 Feb 1772 Blackland
    Benjamin was buried in Blackland on 5 March 1793 and Jane on 20 November 1795.
    Headstone to Benjamin Manners


    Headstone to Jane Manners

    the Memory of
    died March ye 1st 1793
    aged 50 years
    In Memory of
    Jane wife of Benjn Manners
    who died November 14th 1795
    aged 65 years
  • Anne married Richard Hale in Calne on 23 June 1774 and they are known to have had one child baptised there:
    Jemima 22 Mar 1775 Calne born 17 March
  • David – clarification needed here – Gladys Manners claimed that he married Ann and lived in Cherwell but there are other possibilities.
  • Mary had an illegitimate son by Joseph Hillier:
    Joseph Hillier Manners 20 Dec 1777  
    Mary married James Hood in Calne on 10 April 1783 and they are known to have had at least one child:
    Rebecca 25 May 1785 Calne born 27 April
    Mary appears to have died some time after Rebecca was born as the accounts of her father’s will signed off on 21 September 1790 show that her share of the legacy was paid to James Hood.

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