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Benjamin & Ann Manners
of Blackland, Calne

Benjamin Manners, the son of Joseph and Sarah, was baptised in Blackland in 1761.

Anne Glead, daughter of Robert and Martha, was baptised in Calne on 8 July 1759.

Benjamin Manners married Anne Gleed in Calne on 8 April 1782.

Benjamin and Anne had the following children, all of whom were mentioned in Benjamin’s will of 1835:

Joseph ca. 1785  
James ca. 1787  
Elizabeth 31 May 1790 bap 13 June
Hannah bap. 24 Dec 1794 Blackland
Benjamin ca. 1797  

Ann Manners died at the age of 39 on 16 August 1799 and was buried on 20 August 1799 in Blackland churchyard where her headstone still stands.

headstone for Ann Manners


memory of
who died August 16th 1799
aged 39 years

Benjamin Manners married Elizabeth Butcher in Calne on 22 March 1802.  Their children, some mentioned in Benjamin’s will, are believed to have been:

John bap. 27 July 1803 Calne
Ann   Calne          buried 14 Nov 1804
Harriet bap. 8 Jun 1806 Calne
Ann bap 23 Sep 1807 Calne
David   Calne        buried 8 Jan 1810
David bap. 17 April 1811 Heddington  born 21 Feb 1811 twins
Sarah bap. 17 April 1811 Heddington  born 21 Feb 1811 twins
Mary bap. 15 Nov 1813 Heddington
Leah bap. 5 Jan 1818 Heddington

Benjamin made a will in 1835 and died early in 1837.  It is clear from his will that Benjamin was a farmer.

In 1841 Elizabeth was staying with her son John in Quemerford. She died in 1849.

Of Benjamin’s children:

  • Joseph married Elizabeth Reeves in Calne on 13 May 1815 and they had the following children:

    Julia bap. 1 Jun 1817 Heddington
    Louisa bap. 1 Jun 1817 Heddington
    James ca. 1819  
    Benjamin ca. 1821  
    George ca. 1823  
    William ca. 1825  
    Susannah bap. 12 Aug 1827 Heddington
    In 1837 his father bequeathed Joseph a cottage in Blackland, occupied by Henry Wheeler. Joseph was a farm worker living in Heddington in 1841 with his wife and 4 youngest children. Also with them was his married daughter Julia Lee with her own daughter. By 1851 Joseph was shown to have a 8 acre farm in Heddington which he was farming with his son George. Joseph died in 1854.
  • James was a carpenter, married Sarah Pearce in Heddington on 19 July 1810, and they may have had these children:
    Henry 1811  
    Joseph 1816  
    Jane 6 Oct 1816 Heddington
    Anne 2 May 1819 Heddington
    Harriet 23 Dec 1821 Heddington
    Charles 1824  
    James 1827  
    Sarah 14 Dec 1828 Heddington
    Eliza ca.1831  
    James ca.1835  
    William ca.1839  
    James and Sarah lived in Sandy Lane, Whetham, near Calne. By 1871 Sarah had died (1866) and James was living with his married daughter Sarah Weston. James died in 1872.
  • Elizabeth married Cain Duck in 1811 and lived in Blackland, Calne. When her father died in 1837 she was bequeathed the cottage adjoining that bequeathed to her brother Joseph.
  • Hannah married James Duck in Heddington on 26 May 1814 and Joseph Manners was one of the witnesses. James and Hannah lived in Bromham where they had 9 children baptised:
    William 5 Jan 1815  
    Joseph 29 Dec 1816 must have died young
    James 17 May 1818 born 29 April 1818
    Joseph 21 Jan 1821  
    Jane 21 Dec 1823  
    Mary Ann 16 Jul 1826  
    Isaac 22 Feb 1829  
    Henry 9 Apr 1832  
    Elijah 19 Feb 1837  
    James Duck died in 1838 and in later census records all his sons were shown as blacksmiths so it is assumed that was James Duck’s trade. In 1861 even Hannah was recorded as a smith! Hannah died in 1866 at the age of 72.
  • Benjamin was referred to as a wheeler in his father’s will of 1835 although in all the census records he was shown as a carpenter living in Heddington. He married Hannah Hughes in Heddington on 17 July 1821 and they are believed to have had the following children, all born in Heddington:
    Caroline bap. 29 Dec 1822  
    Henry ca. 1823  
    Alfred ca. 1825  
    Mary Ann bap. 4 Mar 1824  
    Elizabeth bap. 29 Mar 1829  
    Daniel ca. 1831  
    Eliza bap. 7 Apr 1833  
    James ca. 1835  
    Sarah bap. 25 Dec 1836  
    Jesse late 1838  
    Julia bap. 3 Oct 1841  
    Benjamin died in 1874, aged 77.
  • John may have married Hannah Ford in Calne on 21 December 1834 although she appears to have died young and no children are known.  John lived in a cottage in Quemerford, eventually bequeathed to him in 1837 by his father along with the adjoining cottage occupied by William New. In 1841 he had his mother living with him in Quemerford. He married Esther Powell in 1845 and they had a son:
    George John Powell 1848 Calne
    In 1851 John was a railway carrier living in Calne with Esther and George but Ester must have died as in 1857 John married Eliza Townsend and in 1861 they were living in Greenham, Berkshire, with John’s son George. They had a further son:
    Mark 1861 Greenham
    In 1871 John was living at Greenham with Eliza and Mark. John died in 1877, aged 74.
  • Harriet is believed to have married in 1823 and was mentioned as the widow of Jacob White in her father’s will of 1835 but nothing more is known about her.
  • Ann is believed to have married Charles Romain in 1823 and they are known to have had at least 2 children:
    Charles 16 May 1824 Southbroom
    Mary Ann 30 Jul 1830 Devizes
    However, Ann must have died before 1835 as she was not mentioned in her father’s will and in February 1836 Charles Romain remarried in Devizes.
  • David was said to be a shoemaker when mentioned in his father’s will of 1835, but by 1851 he was a shopkeeper selling groceries in Quemerford Common.  He had married Sarah Bailey in 1837 and they are known to have had 3 children:
    Henry 1838 Blackland
    Frances 1839 Blackland
    David 1844 Calne
    The family have not been traced after 1851.
  • Sarah was a dressmaker according to her father’s will of 1835 but nothing more is known about her.
  • Mary married Henry Shepherd in 1841 and they are known to have had 5 children:
    Ann Caroline 1841 Chippenham
    Wiliam ca. 1844 Corsham
    John Henry  1847 Bridgwater, Somerset
    Robert ca. 1850 Bath, Somerset
    George D ca. 1854 Cirencester, Gloucester
  • Jacob was recorded as a publican living in Quemerford in 1851 but has not been traced after that.
  • Leah married George Watts in 1840 and they had one son:
    Jesse Dec 1840 or Jan 1841 Calne
    In 1841 they were in Quemerford and by 1851 the had moved to Bishops Cannings. In 1871 they were near Blakeney in Gloucestershire.  Leah’s death was probably registered in Cardiff in 1882.

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