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Thomas & Priscilla Duck
of Blackland, Calne

Thomas Duck, born ca. 1746, married Priscilla Strong, born ca. 1744, in Calne, Wiltshire, on 22 April 1770.  They are believed to have had the following children baptised in Calne:

Hannah 1 Jul 1770  
Catherine 1 Sep 1771  
Abel 28 Mar 1774  
Cain 23 Jun 1776  
Ann 20 May 1778  
Priscilla 5 Nov 1780 born 7 Oct
Elizabeth 28 Aug 1783 born 25 Aug
Isaac 3 Oct 1785  
Frances 9 Sep 1787  
Ruth 19 Jul 1789 born 30 Jun
Ann 19 Jul 1789 born 30 Jun

Priscilla died on 22 August 1811 and was buried in Blackland, near Calne, on 25 August 1811.

Thomas died on 26 January 1829 and their headstone still stands in the churchyard of St Peter, Blackland.

MI of Thomas Duck

The Memory of
Who died Aug 22nd 1811
Aged 63 years
My years were spent in lingering pain
But death tho awful gave me rest
I hope in joy to rise again
And share the blessings of the blest
Who died Jany 26th 1829
Aged 82 years
With patience to the last he did submit
And murmurd not at what the Lord thought fit
He with a Christian courage did resign
His soul to God at his appointed time

Of their children:

  • Abel married Susanna Strong in 1805 and lived at Pickwick, Corsham, Wiltshire.  They are known to have had the following children baptised in Corsham:

    Edward 6 Mar 1808  
    Isaac 9 Apr 1809  
    Elizabeth Ann 25 May 1815  
    Thomas James 23 Oct 1817  
    In 1841 Abel was a carpenter living in Pickwick, Corsham, with wife Susanna, son Thomas and nephew Matthias Duck. Thomas and Matthias were also carpenters.
    Abel died in 1842 leaving a will which also says he was a carpenter.  He left his house to his wife and then to pass to his son Edward, and his business to Isaac.  He bequeathed five pounds each to his brother Cain Duck, his sister Ann Dew, and his niece Eliza Dew.  The remainder of his estate was to be divided between Isaac, Elizabeth and Thomas.  Susanna died the following year.
  • Cain married Elizabeth Manners in 1811 and lived in Blackland, Calne.
  • Ann married James Dew in Calne on 19 June 1796 and they had the following children baptised (all in Calne except for Elijah in Cherhill):
    William 15 Jul 1798 born 29 June
    Abel 14 Sep 1800 born 29 Aug
    James 10 Apr 1803  
    Mary Ann 21 Apr 1805 born 7 Mar
    Thomas 20 Aug 1807  
    Abel 5 Nov 1809 born 25 Sept
    Sylvia 20 Jun 1813 born 6 Mar 1812
    Caroline 20 Jun 1813  
    Eliza 24 Feb 1815  
    Elijah 27 Nov 1818 born 25 Feb
    In 1841 James and Ann were living in Cherhill.
    Ann had died before the 1851 census and James was living in Calstone with his daughter, Sylvia, her second husband and her children.
  • Priscilla was buried in Calne on 27 April 1806.
  • Isaac married Sarah Bailey in Kington St Michael on 11 March 1822 and they are known to have had the following children:
    Jane ca. 1822  
    James ca. 1824  
    William ca. 1826  
    Jacob ca. 1828  
    Esau ca. 1830  
    Isaac died in 1847 and his headstone stands in Blackland churchyard.
    To the memory of
    Who died June 20th 1847
    Aged 61 years
    Also SARAH his wife
    Who died March 13th 1863
    Aged 75 years
    MI of Isaac Duck

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