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Thomas & Elizabeth Adams
of Coate, Chiseldon

Thomas Adams, son of Mark and Hester, was baptised at the church of St Peter & St Paul in Marlborough, Wiltshire, on 9 February 1800. 

Thomas first married Hannah Woodham in Ramsbury on 9 November 1819 and they are believed to have had the following children:

Harriet 12 Nov 1820 bapt. Ramsbury
Mary ca.1823  
Mark ca.1825  
Thomas ca.Dec 1827 died April 1828

However Hannah died in 1928 as the following burials were recorded in Chiseldon; Thomas Adams aged 18 weeks on 19 April 1828 and Hannah Adams aged 30 on 4 December 1828.

Elizabeth Gosling, daughter of John and Mary, was born on 23 October 1808 and baptised in Chiseldon, Wiltshire, on 11 December.

Thomas married Elizabeth in Chiseldon on 30 May 1829; witnesses were James Adams and Sarah Davies.  They are known to have had the following children:

Ann 8 Mar 1830 bapt. 11 Apr 1830 Chiseldon
Ellen 23 Mar 1832  bapt. 29 Sep 1833 Chiseldon
Ruth 8 Sep 1834 bapt. 29 Sep 1834 Chiseldon
John 8 Sep 1834 bapt. 29 Sep 1834 Chiseldon
Thomas 27 Jan 1837 bapt. 28 Feb Prim. Meth. Brinkworth
Jane ca. 1839  
John bapt. 17 Feb 1842 Wesleyan, Swindon
Alfred bapt. 28 Apr 1844 Wesleyan, Swindon
Elizabeth bapt. 24 Dec 1846 Chiseldon
Louisa bapt. 12 May 1850 Chiseldon
William ca. 1853 Chiseldon

The first 4 christenings state that Thomas was a labourer. The last 2 state that he was a publican living in Coate. However, on Ann’s marriage certificate in 1849 Thomas’ occupation was given as Machine Maker.

In 1841 Thomas, a machine maker, and Elizabeth were living at Badbury Wick with Mary and Mark, children by Thomas’ first wife, and Ann, Ellen, Ruth, Thomas and Jane. It is assumed that Ruth’s twin brother, John, had died young.

In 1851 Thomas was again shown in the census as a machine maker living at Coate with Elizabeth and 7 of their children; Ruth, Thomas Jane, John, Alfred, Elizabeth and Louisa.

In 1861 Thomas was in Wanborough and was shown as a miller. With him were Elizabeth and their youngest 3 children plus a grandson John Norris.

By 1871 Thomas was a cow keeper, still in Wanborough, with Elizabeth, children Louisa and William and grandson John Adams.

Thomas Adams’ death was registered in Highworth in the 4th quarter of 1879.

In 1881 Elizabeth, a widow described as a gentlewoman, was living at Lower Town, Wanborough, Wilts, with her 25-year-old nephew, Albert Gosling. She continued to live with Albert Gosling and his family until she died, aged 99, in 1907.

Of Thomas' children:

  • Mark became a carpenter and married Sarah Yarrington in 1845. Their known children were:
    Ann 1847 Chisledon
    William Robert 1849 Chisledon
    Mary Jane 1851 Lambeth
    Emily 1853 Chisledon
    Mark 1855 Chisledon
    Ellen 1857 Chisledon
    John 1859 Chisledon
    In 1851 Mark was working in Lambeth, London, and Mary was born there. However, he returned to Badbury, Chiseldon, and in 1861 he was recorded as a carpenter on the railway. He was still in Badbury in 1871 although by this time Sarah had died and he had remarried to Jane Cove in 1863. Mark and Jane had one daughter:
    Lucy Harriet Jane 1867 Chisledon
    Mark died in 1886.
  • Ann married a policeman, Matthias Duck, in Swindon in 1849 and lived for a while in Wootton Bassett.
  • Thomas, a machine maker like his father, married Ann Sellwood in 1856 and they lived in Badbury with their children:
    Charlotte Annie 1857 Chisledon
    Ellen 1859 Chisledon
    Elizabeth 1861 Chisledon
    Walter Sellwood 1865 Chisledon
    Agnes Hannah 1867 Chisledon
  • John became a miller and married Mary Miflin in 1859. They appear to have had at least two children:
    Edwin John ca.1860 Wanborough
    William Alfred J ca.1868 Kensington
    By 1881 John had married Susannah and they had a further 8 children:
    Ellen Frances 1878 Wanborough
    Louise ca.1879 Wanborough
    John ca.1881 Clapham
    Elizabeth ca.1884 Clapham
    Charles ca.1887 Stockwell
    Susanna 1888 Stockwell
    Margaret 1890 Stockwell
    Henry 1892 Stockwell
  • Alfred was a miller lodging with Edward Cook in Lambourn, Berkshire, in 1861.
  • Elizabeth married John Kent in 1869 and they were in Hinton Parva in 1871.
  • Louisa married Edwin Holyoak in 1872 and their children were:
    William Henry Thomas 1873 Lechlade
    Dorcas Louise 1874 Eton
    Edward Albert 1876 Eton
    Jonas John Bert 1879 Eton
    Thomas 1882 Battersea
    Florence Blanche 1886 Twickenham
    Edwin was a dairyman and dealer, but by 1901 they had moved to Brinkworth, where Edwin was the publican of the Wagon & Horses.
  • William married Elizabeth Carpenter in 1873, farmed at Moore Leaze, Liddington Wick, and they had the following children:
    Amy Louisa 1875 Purton
    Ellen Annie 1877 Purton
    Walter Ernest 1881 Liddington
    William Jonathan 1884 Liddington
    Percy James 1888 Liddington
    May Elizabeth 1891 Liddington
    By 1901 he had moved to Manor farm, West Kington.

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