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Mark & Hester Adams
of Marlborough

Mark and Hester Adams are known to have had 5 children baptised at the church of St Peter & St Paul in Marlborough, Wiltshire:

Mary 22 Jan 1795  
James 10 Apr 1798 died?
Jane 10 Apr 1798  
Thomas 9 Feb 1800  
James 30 Oct 1803 born 18 Mar 1802

Of their children:

  • Thomas, a machine maker, married twice and lived in Chiseldon, Wiltshire.
  • James was also a machine maker and lived at Stratton Green, Stratton St Margaret, near Swindon, with his wife Sarah Mifflin (born Stratton ca.1804) and their children, all born in Stratton:
    Alfred ca. 1826  
    Mahala ca. 1828  
    Adolphus ca. 1830  
    Emma ca. 1832  
    Mary Jane ca. 1834  
    Albert 18 Jun 1836 bap. 11 Sep. Zion Chapel, Highworth
    Ellen Q2 1838  
    James William Q1 1840  
    Elizabeth Q1 1842  
    Rhoda Q2 1844  
    Frederick ca. 1847  

    James died in 1862.

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