Thomas & Elizabeth Manser of Westham

Thomas Manser Prestnel, illegitimate son of Eleanor Prestnel, was born on 1st March 1768 and baptised in Westham on 27 March 1768.

Elizabeth Cousens, a daughter of John and Frances, was baptised in Litlington on 24th October 1773. 

Having dropped the surname Prestnal, Thomas Manser married Elizabeth Cousens in Litlington on 10th March 1791. They subsequently lived in Westham where they had two children christened:


4 Sep 1796


25 Oct 1798

Elizabeth was buried in Westham on 24th November 1840. 

Thomas Manser, aged 75, was living in an Alms House in Westham in 1841 and was buried in Westham on 11th October 1844.

Of their children:

  • Henry married Elizabeth Milton in Westham on 8th  September 1819 having obtained a licence in Lewes on the previous day.  They may have had a daughter, Sophia, baptised in Dallington on 8th August 1821, but nothing more is known of this pair.

  • Winifred married William Hunnisett, an agricultural labourer, in Westham on 6th March 1821.