James & Mary Hunnisett of Westham

James Honysett, a son of Richard and Elizabeth, was baptised in Herstmonceux on 29th July 1750.

Mary Miller, daughter of Thomas and Susanna, was baptised in Catsfield on 5th August 1755.

The Herstmonceux baptismal registers have the following entry for 22nd March 1778:

Thomas, illegitimate son of Mary Miller by James Hunnisett

However, what happened to young Thomas has not been established.

James married Mary Miller from Herstmonceux in 1784.  Banns were called in Westham on 18th and 25th July and 1st August and the marriage took place in Herstmonceux on 8th August.  They lived in Westham where they had six children baptised:


19 Jun 1785

born 31 May


16 Sep 1787

born 2 Sep


27 Sep 1789

born 14 Sep


20 May 1792

born 26 Apr


6 Jul 1794

born 7 Jun


5 Nov 1797

born 5 Oct

James was an agricultural labourer and appears to have inherited none of the wealth of his forebears.

Mary died aged 65 and was buried in Westham on 1st April 1821. James died when he was 75 and was buried in Westham on 26th January 1826.  Neither appears to have left a will.

Of James and Mary's children:

  • William married Winifred Manser and lived in Westham with their family.
  • James married Ann Ward in 1807 and they had a daughter, Mary, the following year. However Mary died when she was less than a year old and Ann died the following year. James then married Elizabeth Streeter in 1813 and they had a son James in 1814.

    In 1841 the family were living at Black Nest (now Blackness) but by 1851 James and Elizabeth had moved to one of four cottages he had built on a piece of land called ‘Little Bittes’ which he owned on Mill Hill. The cottages were known as Hunnisett Cottages and James continued to live there until he died in 1873, aged 85.  By this time both his wife and his son had died, so in his will he left everything to his nephews and nieces.

  • Ann married Jesse Humphrey (born ca. 1790) in Westham on 16th November 1810 and among their children were:


    ca. 1821


    ca. 1827

    In 1841 they were in Handcomb Street with George and Thomas, who are presumed to have been their sons, and a 2-year-old Sarah Humphrey whose relationship is not known. By 1851 they had moved to Chapel House, Seaside, Eastbourne, and Ann died in 1858.

  • Henry married Philadelphia Woods in 1814 and they lived in Westham with their children, all baptised in Westham:


    30 Apr 1815

    buried 30 July 1815


    22 Sep 1816


    29 Nov 1818


    8 Aug 1819


    1 Apr 1821


    11 Jan 1824


    4 Jan 1827


    21 Feb 1831


    3 Jun 1832

    buried 22 June 1832


    1 Sep 1833

    buried 29 Dec 1833


    7 Jun 1835


    14 Oct 1838

    born 30 Sept

    Henry died in 1842.

  • Elizabeth died when she was only 14 and was buried in Westham on 29th December 1808.

  • Richard married Susannah Hemsley, from Framfield, in 1819 and they had two children:


    ca. 1819


    bapt. 18 Feb 1821


    They lived in Blackness in 1841 and 1851 but by 1861 they had moved Langney and in 1871 they were staying with their married daughter Charlotte Morris and her family at 43 Langney Road, Eastbourne. Richard died later that year.