Henry & Catherine Edwards of Herstmonceux

Henry’s baptism has not been traced but Catherine Looker was born on 5th August and baptised in Ripe on 15th August 1703.

Henry married Catherine, of Ripe, in Chalvington on 11th June 1724 and they had four children:


8 Oct 1725

Chalvington (but bapt. in Ripe)


31 Mar 1727



1 Jan 1729/30



28 May 1742


The family lived in Herstmonceux, where Henry farmed and owned land. It is known that he purchased ‘Mables’ in 1723 for £230. This was later leased to Elizabeth’s husband, Richard Honeysett.

Henry was buried in Herstmonceux on 29th March 1764.

His widow, Catherine, sold ‘Mables’ to Richard Honeysett in 1780, along with marsh called Blackwells and White Dyke in Hailsham and Pevensey.

Catherine was buried in Herstmonceux on 4th August 1790.

Of their children:

  • Elizabeth married Richard Honeysett in Herstmonceux on 11th June 1745
  • Katherine married George Dan, both of Herstmonceux, in Wartling on 29th September 1748.
  • Amy married Nicholas Wratten in Herstmonceux on 30th April 1761