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Richard & Mary/Lucy Douch of Westham

Richard Douch, son of William and Ann, was baptised in Wartling on 25 November 1770.

Mary Marchant, daughter of Joseph and Susannah and sometimes known as Lucy, was baptised in Pevensey on 26 December 1772.

Richard married Mary in Westham on 20 April 1797 where they are believed to have had the following children:

Samuel 29 Jun 1798 bapt. 26 Aug 1798
Naomi 25 Jan 1803 bapt. 6 Feb 1803
Mary 29 Oct 1804 bapt. 13 Jan 1805
Gad ca. 1807
Ebenezer ca. 1811
Jonathan ca. 1813
Joseph ca. 1814

By 1841 Richard and Lucy were living on the Eastern outskirts of Eastbourne, in an area known as Seaside. Lucy died in 1842 and Richard in 1846.

Of their children:

  • Samuel married Catherine Smith in Willingdon on 18 October 1823. Samuel and Kate or Kitty, as she was known lived in Arlington until about 1832 when they moved to Hellingly. Their children were:
    Samuel ca. 1823 Alfriston
    Naomi 18 Mar 1827 Alfriston
    Eliza 25 May 1828 Alfriston
    Caroline 22 Nov 1829 Alfriston
    Richard 9 Oct 1831 Alfriston
    Mary 21 Apr 1834 Hellingly
    Ruth 21 Feb 1836 Hellingly
    Jesse 10 Jun 1838 Hellingly (died 1838)
    Benjamin Q1 1841 Hellingly
    Charles Q3 1845 Hellingly
    Samuel was farming 40 acres in Hellingly in 1841 and 1851 and living at Buzbridge House. In 1861 he was farming 45 acres with the help of his 2 youngest sons and living at Lealands Cottage. Kitty died in 1870 and in 1871 Samuel was living at 5 Church Yard, probably one of the cottages facing Hellingly church across the churchyard. In 1881 he was living at Bellbanks in Hailsham and he died in 1887, aged 89.
  • Gad served in the Royal Artillery and married Mary Couley (born Berwick on Tweed ca.1808) in 1838 (registered in Lewisham). They only appear to have had two children:
    Esther Q1 1839 Greenwich (died 1841)
    Richard Q1 1841 Devonport
    In 1841 the family were living in East Stonehouse, near Devonport, where Esther died later that year. By 1851 Gad was a Chelsea Pensioner and had moved back to Westham with his wife and son. By 1861 they had moved to Plumstead in Kent, where they lived in Frederick Place. They were still there in 1871 when Gad was employed as a labourer in the Royal Arsenal. They must have returned to the Eastbourne area as Gad died there in 1876 and Mary in 1888.
  • Ebenezer married Jane Anne Terry in Willingdon on 25 May 1833 (born Willingdon ca. 1811) and they are known to have had eight children:
    Sarah ca. 1833  
    Elizabeth ca. 1836  
    Esther Q4 1840
    James ca. 1842
    Ebenezer Q4 1844
    Daniel Q4 1846
    Gad Q2 1848
    Anna Q4 1856
    Ebenezer was an agricultural labourer and lived on Willingdon Drove in Westham parish.  By 1871 they had moved into Eastbourne and were living in a “cottage on beach” probably near what is now Princes Park. In 1881 they were living at Sluice Cottage, Crumbles, possibly the same cottage as in 1871, with their daughter Ann Welch (25) and her two sons. Ebenezer died in 1886 and Jane in 1893.
  • Jonathan married Mary Catt in 1834 and lived in Westham.
  • Joseph married Elizabeth Terry (born Willingdon ca. 1818) in Lewes on 5 January 1839 and they are known to have had the following children:
    Lucy 17 Mar 1839 Westham
    Mary Ann Q4 1840 Westham
    Mercy Q1 1842 Westham
    Frances Q1 1845 Westham
    Ellen Q1 1847 Westham
    Mark Q2 1849 Westham
    Charles Q2 1851 Westham
    Alfred 6 Jan 1853 Westham
    Joseph Q3 1855 Westham
    Elizabeth Q1 1858 Westham
    Ezekiel Q3 1860 Westham
    Ruth Q4 1863 Westham
    Cornelius Q2 1867 Westham
    Joseph was an agricultural labourer and lived in Willingdon drove in 1841 and Westham Street in 1851.  In 1861 they were in Hailsham and in 1871 in Polegate, where Joseph was working on the railway.  In 1881 he was a railway labourer living at 1 Carlton Road, Eastbourne, where they also had a grandaughter, Mercy aged 15, living with them.  Joseph died in 1884 and in 1891 Elizabeth was living in a single room at 1 Arundel Terrace. She died in 1900.

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