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John & Philadelphia Catt of Willingdon

John Catt, son of William and Mary, was baptised in Willingdon, Sussex, on 11 December 1785.

Philadelphia Verrall was probably born in Berwick, Sussex ca. 1783.

John married Philadelphia in Berwick on 26 December 1806 and they had 10 children baptised in Willingdon:

Harriet 26 Jul 1807 Willingdon
Elizabeth 3 Apr 1809 Willingdon
Ann 10 May 1812 Willingdon
Mary 9 May 1813 Willingdon
John 12 Mar 1815 Willingdon
Sarah 25 Aug 1816 Willingdon
Emma 3 May 1818 Willingdon
George 29 Aug 1820 Willingdon
Charlotte 30 Jun 1822 Willingdon
Phyllis 12 May 1824 Willingdon

In 1841 John, an agricultural labourer, was in Willingdon with his wife, shown as Phillis, two of their children, Harriett and Phyllis, and 2-year-old Robert Catt, the illegitimate son of Emma who was a servant in Eastbourne. Also occupying rooms in the same house were John jnr. with his wife, Mary, and Edward Climpson, widow of Elizabeth, with their two daughters.

In 1851 John and Phillis were still in Willingdon with daughter Harriett and grandson Robert.

John died in 1860, aged 75, and Philadelphia in 1867, aged 85.

Of their children:

  • Harriett did not marry but lived with her parents until they died. After that she continued to live in Willingdon, next to the post office, until she died in 1897 aged 91.
  • Elizabeth married Edward Climpson in Willingdon on 17 July 1828 and they are known to have had two children baptised:
    Elizabeth 14 Jun 1829 Willingdon
    Ellen 26 May 1833 Willingdon
    Elizabeth had died by the time of the 1841 census, possibly in 1839. In 1841 Edward and his two daughters were living in rooms in the same house as John and Philadelphia.
  • Ann married Thomas Wickens in Willingdon on 16 February 1833 and their children were:
    Ann 1834 Westham
    Trayton 1836 Westham
    Mary 1838 Westham
    Sarah 1841 Westham
    Tamar (a daughter) 1842 Westham
    Emma 1844 Westham
    Hannah Louisa 1847 Westham
    Thomas William 1850 Westham
    Thomas was a farm worker and they lived in the Langney area of Westham parish until the 1860s. By 1871 Thomas and Ann had moved into Eastbourne where they were living in Meads Street and working for Thomas Archer who was farming 1400 acres. In 1881 and 1891 Thomas and Ann were staying with their daughters Sarah and Tamar who were running a lodging house at 13 Sussex Gardens. Ann died in 1896, aged 84.
  • Mary married Jonathan Douch in 1834.
  • John, an agricultural labourer, married Mary Breedon in 1840 and they lived in Willingdon but had no children.  Mary died, probably in 1854 and in 1855 John remarried to Rhoda Allen (20 years his junior) with whom he had eight children, mainly baptised in Surrey:
    William Henry ca. 1855 born in Rotherhithe
    Mary Elizabeth 28 Feb 1858 Kingswood
    George Jasper 1 Jul 1860 Chipstead
    Charles Robert 20 Dec 1863 Chipstead
    Rosa Charlotte 30 Dec 1866 Chipstead
    Ernest Allen 26 Dec 1869 Kingswood (died 1871)
    Herbert John 19 May 1872 Redhill
    Frederich James 24 Jul 1881 Redhill
    In Surrey John worked as a nurseryman and gardener and probably died in 1899.
  • Sarah married a farm worker, Robert Jasper, in Seaford on 3 December 1836 where they had six children baptised:
    Ann 29 Oct 1837 Seaford (born 1 Oct)
    Mary 29 Sep 1839 Seaford (born 25 Aug)
    Thomas 28 Feb 1841 Seaford (born 9 Jan)
    Ellen 8 Sep 1844 Seaford
    Robert 15 Oct 1848 Seaford (born 28 Jul)
    John 11 Aug 1850 Seaford (born 7 Jul)
    In 1851 Robert was a farm bailiff in Seaford and in 1861 he was a cow keeper in Eastbourne. However, by 1871, he and Sarah were back in Seaford running a lodging house in Pelham Place, as they were in 1881 and 1891. Sarah died in 1908, aged 92.
  • Emma had an illegitimate son, Robert, baptised in Willingdon on 24 February 1839, who was brought up by his grandparents. She married Thomas Allchorn, an Eastbourne fisherman, in 1844 and had a daughter, Sarah Ann, in 1846.
  • George was working for Henry Mockett, innkeeper of the Kings Arms in Seaside, Eastbourne, in 1841. He married Ruth Mewett, from Willingdon, in Newhaven on 23 November 1844 and they appear to have had four children:
    Alfred James ca. 1845 Willingdon
    Phyllis Elizabeth 7 Nov 1847 Willingdon
    Emily 5 Aug 1849 Willingdon
    William George 1853 Willingdon
    In 1851 he was still in Eastbourne working as a maltster.  However by 1861 he was an agricultural labourer in Arlington and by 1871 he was back in Eastbourne at 3 The Goffs.  In 1881 and 1891 he was a gardener living at 2 Spring Terrace, Star Lane, Eastbourne, but by 1901 he was widowed and living with his married daughter Emily. He died in 1904, aged 84.
  • Charlotte was a servant in Wilmington in 1841 where she married John Page, a farm worker, in 1845. They had six children:
    Phillis Ann 1846 Wilmington
    Sarah 1848 Wilmington
    Stephen 1850 Wilmington
    Caroline 1852 Wilmington
    Martha 1855 Wilmington
    George 1857 Wilmington
    John and Charlotte lived all their married life in Wilmington village. Widowed by 1891 Charlotte died in 1894, aged 73.
  • Phillis married George Hewlett in Willingdon on 6 March 1856 but I have not traced them after this.

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