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Animals, birds and insects in our garden

Although we only have a fairly small garden, we do get a wide variety of fauna either resident, visiting or just flying over. These are just a few shots of those I have managed to photograph

A Comma butterfly on the door-frame A Gatekeeper butterfly A Painted Lady butterfly Another Painted Lady and another Painted Lady Peacock butterflies A Peacock butterfly A Small White butterfly A rather battered Ringlet butterfly Caterpillar of the Elephant Hawkmoth Caterpillar of the Vapourer moth The male Vapourer moth (the female has only vestigial wings) Underside of the male Vapourer moth (conveniently posed on the kitchen window) An unknown moth The same moth - it's actually only about a centimetre across A Brimstone moth The Deep Brown Dart moth This Southern Hawker dragonfly perched on a garden ornament Most Ladybirds are black on red We used to get a lot of Kestrels but lately there have been far more Common Buzzards soaring above the garden A Fieldfare in a nearby tree A Great Spotted Woodpecker on next door's apple tree A Green Woodpecker feeding on ants in our lawn A Green Woodpecker on our apple tree An evening Robin A Sparrow Hawk in our apple tree A wren in our apple tree (shame about the branch in the way) When we had a pond, frogs spawned every year Tadpoles at various stages of development A female Smooth Newt from our pond Another view of the female Smooth Newt The Oak Bush Cricket Another Oak Bush Cricket, this time on our kitchen ceiling A Brown-lipped Banded Snail A spider Another spider A bee Bumble bee A Squirrel on our fence (one of many that frequent our garden) We also get cats of course (I'm watching you!)

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