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Interesting fungi I have come across

Fungi I have photographed in recent years. Most of them were found in Ryton Woods in the autumn. I have managed to put names to some of them but a few are only guesses and some are totally beyond me - it takes a real expert to sort some of them out!!

Fly Agaric - just emerged Fly Agaric - fully grown possibly a parasol mushroom partial ring of funnel-caps Funnel-cap probably the Pestle-shaped Puffball The Shaggy Ink-cap The Shaggy Scale-head Hoof Fungus, named for its shape, also know as the tinder fungus as it is used for fire lighting. a collection of Birch Polypore Birch Polypore bracket fungi bracket fungi a bracket fungus Many-zoned polypore a beautiful cluster of bracket fungi with moss Val with some large bracket fungi Candle-snuff fungus, so called because it resembles snuffed-out candle wicks Candle-snuff fungus Candle-snuff fungus a pink fungus Val with some large fungi fungi by the main road not far from our house purple fungi interesting concentric ring pattern these fungi want to be noticed a good cluster of fungi

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