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When my daughter started asking about her ancestors I suggested she contact her living relatives and try to construct a family tree. She did this and in the process discovered a lot about the last few generations that was new to me, and also came up with a lot of questions we could not answer. Consequently I got involved and soon became fascinated by this absorbing and time-consuming hobby. That was about two decades ago.

My own surname of Hunnisett is fairly unusual and largely confined to the South East of England. Consequently after a while I decided to try to find out all I could about every Hunnisett that I could find. My Hunnisett one-name study has its own website at and there you can learn about the origins of the name in Northern France and how my ancestors crossed the channel in the early 16th century to settle in Sussex.

My ancestors came from three areas of the country. My mother's were mainly from Surrey with a few from Sussex and Hampshire. My father's were all from East Sussex on his father's side and from Norfolk on his mother's. Val's ancestors were mainly from Shropshire on her father's side and North Wales on her mother's. Consequently I plan to divide this part of the site into those five main family groups.

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