Luke & Mary Ramm
of Cley-next-the-sea

Luke Ramm, son of Henry and Mary, was baptised in Salthouse, Norfolk, on 7 April 1759.

Mary Howard was baptised in Cley-next-the-sea on 26 January 1755.

Mary had an illegitimate daughter baptised in Cley-next-the-sea and Luke was named as the father.

Mary Howard

18 Feb 1777

Luke Ramm married Mary Howard in Cley-next-the-sea on 26 February 1782. They had a further eight children baptised in Cley:


19 Dec 1782


30 Aug 1784


30 Nov 1786


27 Sep 1788


28 Nov 1790


17 Nov 1792


18 Jun 1795


4 Apr 1797

Mary died aged 62 and was buried in Cley on 13 July 1817. Luke then married Frances Stamp, a 52-year-old spinster, in Cley on 28 October 1818.

Luke died aged 67 and was buried in Cley on 4 April 1826.

In 1841 Frances was still living in Cley where she was buried on 6 January 1843, aged 77.

Of Luke's and Mary's children:

  • Mary married Robert Platten, a mariner from Salthouse, in Cley on 20 December 1810. They are known to have had a daughter, Anne, in 1811 and a son, Henry, in 1817 and were still living in Cley when Mary died in 1859.
  • Sarah married John Thompson in Cley on 4 August 1801. John appears to have been a mariner although by 1841 he was a publican in Blakeney, and a Robert Thompson, possibly their son was with them. Sarah was widowed by 1851 when she was staying with her sister Mary in Cley. In 1861 she was living alone in Blakeney and she died in 1870.
  • James, a mariner, married Elizabeth Bear in Cley in 1815.
  • Howard married Elizabeth Platten in Cley on 13 October 1807 and they had one son, Robert, in 1811. The 1851 and 1861 census records show Howard as a ship owner, Elizabeth and Howard both died in 1862 and their headstone stands in Cley churchyard.
  • John, a mariner, married Sophia Massingham in Cley on 28 March 1815 and they had two children; James in 1816 and Sophia in 1817 (d.1820).