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John & Mary Gooch
of Morston

John Gooch appears to have been born in Briston, Norfolk, in about 1784.

Mary Ann, his wife, appears to have been born in Swanton Novers, Norfolk, in about 1798.

Among their children were:

Harriett ca. 1827  
John ca. 1831 Morston
William ca. 1836 Morston

In 1841 John and Mary were living at Morston, Walsingham, with their children; Harriett, John and William.  They were still there in 1851 although Harriett had left home. Both Johns were labourers.

John appears to have died in 1853 and in 1861 Mary was still living in Morston with her son William.  Mary appears to have died in 1862.

Of their children:

  • John was a labourer who lived in Blakeney with his wife Sarah and their children:

    Margaret Maria ca. 1855  
    Mary ca. 1858  
    Robert ca. 1861  
    John had died before the 1881 census.
  • William was the father of Elizabeth Cornwell’s illegitimate daughter, Hephzibah, born in 1861.  He later married and lived in Wiveton.

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