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William Gooch & Elizabeth Cornwell

William Gooch of Wiveton

William Gooch, son of John and Mary, was probably born in Morston in 1836.  He was the father of Elizabeth Cornwell’s illegitimate daughter, Hephzibah Gooch, who was born in Glandford in 1861 (see below) and brought up in Cley-next-the-Sea by her mother and George Jackson.

However William did not marry Elizabeth, but married Eliza Cooke from Kelling (born ca. 1843) in 1867 and had the following children, all of course half-siblings to Hephzibah:

Emma Eliza Q4 1868  
Robert William Q1 1871  
John James Q2 1873  
Caleb Joshua Q3 1875  
Harriet Sarah Q2 1878 died Q4  1884
Mary Anna Q2 1881 twin – d. Q1 1885
George Albert Q2 1881 twin
William and Eliza Gooch
William & Eliza Gooch

In 1871 William was shown as a labourer and in 1881 he was a shepherd living with his family in Wiveton, where all his children were born except Emma who had been born in Cley.  Wiveton is less than a mile from Cley across the river Glaven.

In 1891 William and Eliza and their sons were all living at Low Road, Wiveton.

William and Elizabeth were still in Wiveton in 1901 with their sons, Robert and George, both farm workers.  Emma was working as a cook in East Dereham, John was a brewer’s drayman in Mile End Old Town, London and Caleb was a brewer’s drayman in Paddington, London.

William died in 1904 and in 1911 Eliza was staying with her son George in Cley. Eliza died in 1917.

Of their children:

  • Emma married married Herbert Coe, a widower with 5 children, in 1904 and they lived in Cambridge. Emma died in 1928.

  • Robert was a gardener and married Adelaide Baker (known as Lily) in 1907. They had no children of their own but adopted a daughter, Madge, who married Jim Flowerdew, a postman. Robert ran a shop in Westgate Street, Blakeney, and lived next to it. Robert died in 1953 and Adelaide in 1965.
  • John was a brewer’s drayman, married Emma Greaves in 1906 and in 1911 they were living in Forest Gate, Essex. They had no children. John died in 1947.
  • Caleb was a brewer’s drayman, married Lizzie Freeman in 1897, and lived in London with their 7 children; George, John, Frederick, Sybil, William, Robert and Florence.
  • George was a farm labourer in Cley and married Jane Fish in 1909. They had 3 children; Kenneth, Thomas and Hettie. George died in 1955

Elizabeth Cornwell of Cley-next-the-Sea

Elizabeth Hannah Cornwall, a daughter of Robert and Martha, was born in 1838 and baptised in Cley-next-the-sea on 18 August.  She had an illegitimate daughter by William Gooch, a farm labourer (see above):

Hephzibah GOOCH born 1 June 1861 Glandford, Norfolk

Towards the end of 1863 she married George Jackson (1837-1929) with whom she lived in Holt Road, Cley-next-the-sea, where they had ten children baptised:

James 25 Sep 1864  
Martha Ann 27 Nov 1865 died aged 1 week
George 10 May 1867  
Robert Charles born 1868 bapt 16 Jul 1871
Caroline born 1870 bapt 16 Jul 1871
Martha Elizabeth 21 Oct 1872  
Mary Ann 25 Feb 1875 bapt Marianne!
Edith 5 Nov 1876 d Feb 1877 (5 mo)
Rosa 1879 bapt 20 Jul 1879
Herbert 20 Sep 1880  

In 1871 and 1881 the census shows them living in Holt Road but by 1891 they had moved to Hill Side, Cley and George was shown as a road labourer.  In 1901 they had Herbert and an 8-year-old grandson, Frederick Jackson, Mary Ann’s illegitimate son, with them.

In 1911 they were in Cley High Street with grandchildren 18-year-old Frederick Pashley Jackson, born in Beckham, Norfolk, and 4-year-old May Smith, born in London. May was Mary Ann’s daughter by her husband, Albert Smith.

Jackson family 1911
Jackson Family - 1911 - just before Albert and Mary emigrated to Australia
Back L-R: Richard Smith (Martha's husband); George Jackson jr; Caroline Jeary; "Fred" Jackson (Mary's son); Albert Smith (Mary's husband); James Jackson; Robert Jackson.
Front L-R: Martha; Richard Smith (Martha's son); George Jackson snr; Elizabeth Jackson (née Cornwell) with Mary's daughter, May; Mary with her son Albert.

Elizabeth’s death at the age of 74 was registered in the first quarter of 1913.

A photograph showing George, Hephzibah his step-daughter, and her husband Robert Bishop is believed to have been taken on Robert and Hephzibah's 50th wedding anniversary.  If this is correct it would have been in 1928 by which time George was 91. George died the following year.

Of  Elizabeth’s children:

  • Hephzibah married Robert Benjamin Bishop in 1878.

  • James, the eldest son of George and Elizabeth, was baptised in Cley on 25 September 1864.  He was a farm labourer and married Anna Sarah Bishop in Cley on 7 November 1891.  Anna was his second cousin, their common ancestor being William Cornwell (born 1781).  They are known to have had the following children in Cley (all sons except Violet and Pansy):
    Walter James 7 Jun 1892 bapt 11 July
    Violet Mary 3 Mar 1894 bapt 15 April
    Hazel Renwick 21 Mar 1896 bapt 24 May
    Alma Q2 1898  
    Oliver 23 Sep 1899  
    Jessell 28 Feb 1902 bapt 10 March
    Terence Norval 21 Sep 1904 bapt 15 Jan '05
    Pansy Viola Q3 1907  
    Noel Douglas 19 Apr 1911 bapt 14 May
    In 1901 James was described as a horse man on a farm and the family were living in Howes Yard, Cley.  James is said to have later had his own farm and that this was taken over by one of his daughters after he died.  He is also said to have been a keen gardener and musician, as were his sons.
    • Oliver was a scout when he was young and left school at 14 to work as a herder.  In the spring of 1920 he emigrated to Canada and settled in Kelowna where he knew some people from England.  His first job there was cow-punching on a ranch.
      Oliver Jackson in Indian clothing

      In 1928 he married and the first of their three children was born in 1929.  They had a son, who died, and two daughters, one who in 1974 was in Dallas with four children of her own, and one who at that time was in Kelowna working in a telephone office.  In 1935 he built a spinning wheel to spin wool from his sheep to make sweaters.  After serving in World War Two he bought a 40-acre farm which he worked until about 1962/3 when he rented it out and went into semi-retirement retaining about 4 acres.

      Oliver had always been interested in North American Indians and was famous for his woodcarving, weaving, painting and making traditional Indian cloths and headdresses.  In 1955 he carved a 45-foot high totem pole to mark the 50th anniversary of the city.  It now stands in Kelowna Park.  When he retired, he opened his collection of Indian things to the public in a building near his home in Hall Road, East Kelowna.

      Oliver died in 1982 and a memorial in Kelowna Memorial Park Cemetery commemorates him and his wife Eileen (1905-1986).
  • George was an agricultural labourer and married Georgina Moore in Cley on 6 October 1896.  In 1901 and 1911 they were living in High Street, Blakeney. Their children were; Alfred, Bertie, Ivy, Gladys, George, Christopher, Maurice and Kathleen. George may have died in 1953 and Georgina died in 1965.
  • Robert was a farm labourer and married Esther Sharpen in 1904. In 1911 they were living in Field Dalling. Their children were Hubert, Christmas, Sidney and Mabel. Robert died in 1934 and Esther in 1943.
  • Caroline was a servant for Edward Hudson at Cley Post Office in 1891 and on 22 July 1891 she married John George Jeary in Cley. George worked as a teamster on a farm and in 1901 they were living in Howes Yard, Cley, with their children; Beatrice, Albert and Alice. In 1911 they were at Dawes Lake, Cley. Caroline died in 1932 and John in 1958.
  • Martha married Richard Smith in Islington in 1901 and they had a son Richard in 1902. They both died in Palmyra, Western Australia, Richard in 1922 and Martha in 1947.
  • Mary was working as a servant in Cley in 1891 and had a son, Herbert George Pashley Jackson by Frederick Pashley in 1893. He was brought up by Mary's parents and usually known as Fred Jackson. In 1901 Mary was a housemaid in Paddington and in 1905 she married Albert Smith, Martha's brother-in-law, and they had two children in London, May and Albert. They emigrated to Western Australia in May 1911. Mary died in Perth in 1954 and Albert in 1968.
  • Rose was working as a servant in Post Office Lane, Cley, in 1901.
  • Herbert was a farm labourer in Cley and married Emma Jane (Sophie) Cooke in 1903. Their children are believed to have been George, Chrissie, Marshall, Selina, Esther, Norman, Nora, Reuben, Dora and Hazel.

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