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Robert & Martha Cornwell
of Glandford

Robert Cornwall, a son of William, was born on 31 December 1815, probably in Glandford.

Martha was probably born in Hindringham around 1815.

Robert and Martha must have married around 1834 and they had eight children in Glandford:

Mary Ann 1835  
Elizabeth Hannah 1838 bapt 18 Aug in Cley
Rebecca 1840  
Susanna Q4 1843  
Hannah Q1 1846  
John Q3 1848 twin
James Q3 1848 twin
William 1851  

Robert was a farm worker and lived all his life in Glandford.  His address was given as Mill Lane in 1851, Cley Road in 1861, Bayfield Road in 1871 and Blakeney Road in 1881.

Robert died on 15 April 1889 and was buried in Glandford where his headstone still stands.

In 1891 Martha was in Cley Road with her unmarried son, William, and a grand-daughter, Robina Cornwall.  In 1901 she was staying in Holt with her daughter, Mary Ann Horne.  Martha died in 1903, aged 88.

Of Robert and Martha’s children:

  • Mary married Thomas Horne, a farm worker, and they lived in Holt with their children:

    William 1857  
    Thomas Robert Q2 1859  
    George Q2 1861  
    John 1863  
    Elizabeth Q3 1867  
    Martha Q4 1870  
    Sarah Q3 1873  
    Emma Q4 1876  
    Frederick Q1 1880  
  • Elizabeth was a house servant visiting her married sister, Mary, in Holt in 1861.  On 1 June that year she had an illegitimate daughter, Hephzibah, by William Gooch, a farm labourer.  Two years later she married George Jackson and they lived in Cley-next-the-Sea and had ten more children.
  • Rebecca was a house servant at the Kings Head Inn in Leatheringsett in 1861 and the following year she had an illegitimate daughter:
    Naomi Cornwell 1862  
    In 1868 she married Samuel Dix, a farm worker.  In 1871 Rebecca was in Glandford with Naomi and the first two of her children by Samuel Dix.  Samuel, meanwhile, along with Rebecca’s brother James, was lodging at 59 Wapping, South Shields, Durham.  Later Samuel and Rebecca lived at Newgate Green, Cley-next-the-Sea, with Naomi and their eight children:
    Elizabeth Ann Q2 1868  
    Edith Q4 1870  
    Martha Q1 1873  
    Alfred Q4 1874  
    Richard William Q2 1877  
    George Q1 1879  
    Beatrice Rebecca Q3 1880  
    Frederick William Q2 1883  
  • Susanna married a farm worker, James Beavis, in 1861 and they had ten children in Glandford:
    Hannah Maria Q3 1862  
    Robert Wells Q1 1864  
    Julia A Q1 1866  
    Alice M ca. 1867  
    Sarah Martha Q1 1870  
    Agnes Q3 1874  
    Dorothy Q3 1876  
    Beatrice Anna Q1 1879  
    Alfred James Q1 1883  
    Willie Ernest Q4 1885  
  • John does not appear to have married.  He was shown as ‘AB & Lamp Trimmer’ on board the vessel ‘Ouse’ at Whitby in 1881 and has not been found in later census records.
  • James was a farm worker and was lodging in South Shields, along with Samuel Dix, his brother-in-law, in 1871.  Later that year he married Mary Elizabeth Blackwood, who according to the census records was born in Wiveton.  However they were married in South Shields which is also where their first child was born. The rest of their children were born in Norfolk:
    Hannah Q4 1872 South Shields
    John William Q1 1876 Glandford
    Walter Ambrose Q3 1878 Glandford
    Benjamin Q4 1883 Glandford
    Alice Mary Anne S Q1 1885 Wiveton
    Robert Q1 1887 Wiveton
    Rose Elizabeth Q2 1889 Wiveton
    Harriet Delilah Q3 1891 Wiveton
    Henry Bertie Q3 1895 Wiveton
    In 1881 they were living in Glandford but in 1891 and 1901 they were in Wiveton.
    • Hannah married James William Claxton in Cley on 18 October 1890.
  • William was a farm worker and did not marry.  He was living with his widowed mother in 1891 and died on 4 April 1892.

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