William & Frances Bishop
of Cley-next-the-Sea

William Benjamin Bishop, son of Robert and Elizabeth, was born in Blakeney on 7 June 1822. He served as a mate in the merchant navy.

Frances Ramm, daughter of James and Elizabeth, was baptised in Cley-next-the-sea on 23 August 1822.

William married Frances in Cley-next-the-sea on 28 May 1844 and they had the following children baptised in Cley:

William Benjamin

15 Jan 1845

buried 7 Feb

William Howard

no baptism found

buried 12 Sep 1847

Eliza Elizabeth Bear

24 Oct 1849

buried 17 Dec

William Henry

17 Aug 1851

Anna Maria

18 Jul 1854

Arthur Peace

9 Jun 1856

Robert Benjamin

23 Jan 1859

born 28 Aug 1858

Howard James Ramm

26 Jan 1862

born 29 Jun 1861

Florence Elizabeth

26 Jul 1863

The 1851 census showed William and Frances living on their own in Quay Street, Cley, their first three children having died in infancy.

The 1861 census for ships taken at Walker, Newcastle, Northumberland, shows A B Seaman William Bishop as part of the four man crew of the vessel ‘Good Intent’, probably a fishing boat. Frances and their four children; William, Anna, Arthur and Robert were living at High Street, Cley.

William is said to have been blinded in an accident on a ship about five years before he died. He was buried in Cley on 12 June 1870 aged 48.

In 1871 Fanny Bishop, widow and dressmaker, was living on the East side of the High Street with her five younger children. In 1881 she was still living there with Arthur, Howard and Florence.  Arthur and Howard were shown as fishermen. By 1891 only Arthur was still living there with Frances. Frances was buried on 21 January 1899.

Of their children:

  • William married Maria Cornwell in Cley on 13 June 1872 and they had four children baptised there:

    Maria Elizabeth

    8 Jun 1873

    Anna Sarah

    7 Feb 1875

    Alice Mary Ramm

    15 Oct 1876

    William George

    15 Jan 1888

    William was a mariner during the 1870's and is said to have been to Russia. In 1881 he was shown as an agricultural labourer and in 1891 as a merchant's labourer both times living in Stirgess Yard. In 1901 he was shown as a fowler and fisherman living in Howes Yard. He may have died in about 1917.

    • Maria may have married in 1897.

    • Anna Sarah married her 2nd cousin James Jackson in 1891.

  • Anna Maria married Francis Lewis, a sailor, possibly in 1878 but they do not appear to have had any children until 1892 when Frances James Lewis was born. Robert and Hephzibah’s first child, Mary Ann Beatrice, appears to have lived with them as she is shown there in 1881 (incorrectly as daughter) and 1891 (as Beatrice, niece). By 1891 Francis was shown as a merchant’s labourer living in Porritt’s Yard and in 1901 as a general labourer living in Hollin’s Yard.

  • Arthur was a fisherman and probably did not marry. He died in 1933.

  • Robert married Hephzibah Gooch Cornwell in 1878.

  • Howard married Lydia from Salthouse and they had the following children mostly baptised in Cley:

    Rosa Ann


    Frederick James

    15 Jan 1887

    Walter Robert

    20 Feb 1891

    Ellis Howard

    19 Feb 1893




    16 Apr 1898

    Edgar Robert

    20 Nov 1900

    Valentine Bertie

    14 Feb 1903

    Sidney James

    14 Jun 1905

    The 1891 and 1901 census records show Howard and Lydia and their children living in a house at Hill Side, Cley. Howard's occupation was agricultural labourer.

    • Rosa was a housemaid in Mitcham, Surrey, in 1901.

    • Fred married Millicent Martha Stone in 1915 but apparently died during the First World War.

    • Walter married Charlotte Elizabeth High from Salthouse in 1915 and they lived in Cley. Walter was buried there in 1971 and Charlotte in 1985.

    • Ellis married Mildred Jane Fuller in 1913. They lived in Cley and were buried there in 1977 and 1976 respectively.

    • Arthur married and had children and was buried in Cley in 1938.

    • Edgar married Beatrice Eggleton in 1919.

    • Valentine married May Macleay in 1923 and died in 1941.

      Sidney married Alice Bond in 1935.

  • Florence married James William Broughton, a mariner from Blakeney, in Cley on 20 May 1884. By 1899 they had moved to South Shields, County Durham. In 1901 and 1911 they were living at 233 South Eldon Street. Their children were:

    Anna Mary B

    Q2 1885


    James William Howard

    Q4 1886


    Arthur Robert F

    Q2 1889


    Percy Ernest

    Q1 1893


    Stanley Roland

    Q2 1896


    William Marshall

    Q2 1899

    South Shields

    Florence Annie

    Q3 1902

    South Shields

    John Thomas

    Q3 1904

    South Shields

    Septimus Peter S

    Q1 1907

    South Shields

    Florence died in 1940.

    • Anna married John Storey in 1907.

    • James married Jessie Hazel in 1908.

    • Arthur married Catherine Fryer in 1921.

    • Percy married Hannah Mansfield in 1918.

    • Stanley married Florence Mansfield in 1921.

    • Florence married Robson Wayman in 1923.

    • John married Annie Fraser in 1928.

    • Septimus married Ruth Smith in 1934.