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Robert & Elizabeth Bishop
of Blakeney

Robert Bishop, son of Benjamin and Elizabeth, was baptised in Bale on 20 February 1780.

Elizabeth Whisker, according to the 1851 census, was born in Hindringham around 1781.

Robert was a cordwainer, or shoemaker, and he and Elizabeth had at least three children baptised in Blakeney:

Susan 11 Aug 1816 born Aug 5
William 9 Jun 1822 born Jun 7
Betsy 3 Jul 1825  

There may have been earlier children but I only searched back to 1813.

The 1841 census showed Robert and Elizabeth living 'by the church' in Blakeney.  The 1851 census showed them living in Croft Yard and gave their ages as 71 and 69.  In 1861 their address was given as Crofts Court, High Street West.

Robert died in 1862 and Elizabeth in 1864.

Of their children:

  • William married Frances Ramm in 1844 and they lived in Cley-next-the-sea

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