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Benjamin & Elizabeth Bishop
of Bale

Benjamin Bishop  (born ca 1750 ?) is the earliest Bishop ancestor known with any degree of certainty.  He MAY have been a late son of Richard and Esther but this is only speculation at present.  What is known is that he married Elizabeth Green in Bale on 10 October 1777.  Both were 'of this parish' and the ceremony was witnessed by Elizabeth Dennis and Matthew Long.  They had four children baptised in Bale:

Sarah 24 May 1778  
Robert 20 Feb 1780  
Hannah 17 Feb 1782  
Benjamin 3 Feb 1784  

These appear in a register which continues to 1797 but there are no more Bishop children shown.  Perhaps the family moved to a different parish, maybe towards Blakeney?

Of their children:

  • Robert married Elizabeth Whisker and lived in Blakeney.

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