William & Mary Allison of Field Dalling

William Allison, a son of John and Ann, was baptised in Hindringham, Norfolk, on 7th November 1786.

Mary Lee, a daughter of William and Pheobe, was born on 20th May and baptised in Hindringham on 23rd May 1784.

William Allison married Mary Lee in Hindringham on 16th July 1811 and they are known to have had nine children, six of whose baptisms have been traced:

John Lee

24 Nov 1811



22 May 1814



28 July 1816


Hannah Maria

ca. 1820


23 Jan 1822

Field Dalling


6 Jan 1824

Field Dalling


14 Jan 1826

Field Dalling


ca. 1828


ca. 1830


ca. 1836

The family must have moved to Field Dalling in about 1820, where William and Mary lived for the rest of their lives.

It seems likely that Mary died in the late 1830’s although no burial has been found, nor a second marriage for William. At the 1841 census William was in Field Dalling with his wife Mary and six of his children, but this Mary was recorded as not born in Norfolk and her age was given as 45 (so 45 – 49 as adult ages were rounded down in the 1841 census) whereas Mary Lee would have been 57 and therefore shown as 55. At the 1851 census Mary was recorded as Mary Ann, her age was given as 57 and her place of birth as Plymouth in Devon. This is probably the most reliable record we have of her. In 1861 she was a widow shown as 64, born in Berkshire!

William was buried in Field Dalling on 5th July 1851, aged 65, and Mary was buried there on 1st April 1871 aged 73.

Of William and Mary’s children:

  • John married Frances Coe in Field Dalling on 25th December 1838 and they are known to have had three children:


    bapt. 30 Aug 1840

    Field Dalling


    Q2 1842


    Q1 1844

    born 20 Feb in Field Dalling

    In 1851 John was a farm bailiff and the family were living in Benham Road, Field Dalling. They emigrated to Canada and settled in Ontario, sailing on the ‘New World’ which docked in New York on 21st July 1857.

  • Martha married Robert Cornwell and lived in Glandford.
  • Hannah married John Middleton in Bale on 18th August 1844 and they had six children, all baptised in Saxlingham:


    16 July 1845


    8 Nov 1846


    20 May1849

    Walter John Dyer

    9 Feb 1854

    born 28 Dec 1853

    Elijah Hammond

    13 Apr1856

    Delilah Lucy

    22 Jan1859

    born 21 Nov 1859

    John was an agricultural labourer and they lived in Saxlingham. They must have emigrated to Canada soon after 1871 and several of their children are known to have married there.

  • Robert married Sarah Rix in Field Dalling on 30th November 1845. They were there in 1851 and 1861 but apparently had no children. They may have emigrated to Canada in the 1860s.

  • Edward married Catherine Ann Middleton in Saxlingham on 21st April 1842. They lived in Field Dalling and are known to have had 9 children:


    ca. 1842

    Matilda Ann

    Q3 1844

    Elizabeth Ann



    Q3 1849

    bap. 16 Feb 1850 Field dalling


    ca. 18526

    bap. 30 Jun 1852 Aylsham

    Mary Ann

    Q3 1855

    bap. Jun 1855 Aylsham


    Q3 1858


    Q3 1862

    Catherine Ann

    Q2 1866

    bap. 18 Apr 1866 Aylsham

    Edward was usually recorded as an agricultural labourer but in 1871 he was shown as a vermin destroyer. They emigrated to Canada in the 1870s.

  • Ann married William Spooner in Bale on 4th April 1844. They are known to have had the following children:

    Mary Ann

    Q2 1846


    ca. 1847


    ca. 1848


    Q3 1850


    Q4 1852


    ca. 1855

    William was a blacksmith and they were living in Thornage in 1851. Ann died, probably in 1863, and William re-married in 1869, emigrated to Canada and had further children, although Ann’s children appear to have stayed in England.

  • Richard married Sarah Ann Peck in Field Dalling on 29th June 1851 and they had at least 3 children before emigrating to Canada:


    22 May 1853


    Hannah Louise

    20 Aug 1854

    Field Dalling - buried 20 Jan 1855 in Bale



    They emigrated to Canada and settled in Ontario, sailing on the ‘New World’ which docked in New York on 21st July 1857. Sarah was shown on the ship’s manifest as an infant and her birth was not registered in England so she may have been born on the journey or shortly before they embarked. They had further children in Canada before Richard died in 1875 and Sarah in 1892.

  • Rebecca married John Hammond Bangay in Field Dalling in October 1849. They are known to have had the following children:


    born 18 July 1849

    bap. 9 Dec 1855 Saxlingham


    22 Mar 1851

    Field Dalling

    John William

    5 Jun 1853

    Field Dalling

    Robert Hammond

    15 Apr 1855



    12 May 1857


    Thomas Alfred Hammond

    25 Mar 1860


    Herbert Algernon / Angelo

    26 Mar 1863

    Saxlingham, d. 1880, aged 15


    9 Sep 1868



    ca. 1871


    Q1 1873

    Herbert Algernon

    Q3 1881

    John was a blacksmith and they were living in Mill Street, Field Dalling in 1851 but they appear to have moved to Saxlingham in about 1854 where they were recorded in 1861 and 1871. By 1881 they had moved to Bale where John was working as a vetinary surgeon’s assistant, but by 1891 they were in Langham and John was again working as a blacksmith. John was often referred to by his middle name, Hammond, rather than John.

  • William married Elizabeth Claxton in Bale on 10th April 1858. They are known to have had the following children, all baptised in Bale, the first three with the surname Claxton:

    Rebecca Alison Claxton

    31 May 1857

    buried 15 July 1859

    Dorcas Claxton

    7 July 1859

    Amelia Rebecca Claxton

    21 Oct 1860

    John Allison

    2 Mar1862


    3 May 1863


    27 Nov 1864


    24 Jun 1866

    died Q1 1868


    8 Dec 1867

    Elizabeth Lucy

    3 Apr 1870


    24 Dec 1871

    Edith Elizabeth

    17 Aug 1873

    James Edward

    24 Jan 1875

    Florence Mary

    21 Jan 1877

    Charles Alfred

    29 Feb 1880

    William was a carter and they lived in Bale in 1871 and 1881. By 1891 they had moved to Sharrington, where William was recorded as a farmer in 1901. They were still in Sharrington in 1911 when they were both recorded as old age pensioners.

    William died in 1921 and Elizabeth in 1923.