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This website started out as somewhere for me to try out some some website design ideas but has developed into the main place for some of my family history research and also a showcase for the photo gallery I designed. I intended to have sections on each of my main interests; archery, family history and web design, along with anything else that takes my fancy, but the web design area has yet to be started. Feel free to wander around.

What's New

20 January 2015 - added extracts from Syd Hunnisett's letters during WW2

13 July 2014 - update to Gooch / Cornwell page in Bishop Genealogy section

4 June 2014 - William Pattenden page updated and William Dearling page added to the Winchester Genealogy section

1 November 2012 - A new gallery of photos of interesting fungi

21 March 2012 - I've also scanned a lot of my dad's photos so here's a gallery illustrating Syd's life

14 February 2012 - I've been scanning in old slides so I've started an Older Photos section

11 February 2012 - Photos of Antony Gormley's Another Place and further holidays in Tenerife added

5 October 2011 - Luke Ramm added to Bishop Genealogy section

7 July 2011 - Photos from a trip to Bottesford and Belvoir Castle added to the photo gallery

27 February 2011 - several pages in the Winchester Genealogy section updated.

8 February 2011 - Samuel Elphick & Nicholas Wratten pages added to Hunnisett Genealogy section

7 December 2010 - A new gallery of photos of frost in Leamington Spa

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